CS/ECE 561: Schedule/Lectures

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Note: More up to date schedule, as well as lecture slides, and assignments are available via Canvas.

Week Topic Recommended Readings Assignments
1 Introduction to Embedded Systems Reading Assignment 0

Homework Assignment 0

2 Introduction to SystemC
  • SystemC webpage (register and download systemc-2.3.1.tgz from Downloads > Accellera Systems Initiative Standards
  • Documentation (installation guide, user guide, functional spec) from the docs/ directory of the SystemC .tgz archive
  • SystemC Tutorials on the web: #1#2
Reading Assignment 1

Homework Assignment 1

2-3 Specification and Modeling of Embedded Systems Reading Assignment 2
4-6 Software Components in Embedded Systems Reading Assignments 3, 4

Homework Assignment 2

6-7 Hardware Components in Embedded Systems (Communication, Memory) Reading Assignment 5

Homework Assignment 3

7-9 Embedded Machine Learning Reading Assignment 6, 7

Homework Assignment 4

9-10 Hardware Components in Embedded Systems (Processing, Energy) Midterm
11 HW/SW Partitioning


  • Chapter 5.3, Embedded System Design by Peter Marwedel
  • Hardware/software codesign of embedded systems [pdf]
  • Hardware/software interface codesign for embedded systems [pdf]
  • HW/SW Codesign: The Past, the Present, and Predicting the Future [pdf]
Reading Assignment 8

Homework Assignment 5

12 Sensors, Actuators, and Embedded Controls Reading Assignment 9
13 Software Optimizations in Embedded Systems Reading Assignment 10


Homework Assignment 6

13 Embedded Software Security Reading Assignment 11
14 Fall Recess
15 Embedded Hardware Security Reading Assignment 12
16 Embedded Vision and Sensor Fusion
17 Finals (Closed book)