Ethics in Computing

Computing systems are tightly integrated today into our professional, social, and private lives. An important consequence of this growing ubiquity of computing is that it can have significant ethical implications of which computing professionals should take account. In most real-world scenarios, it is not immediately obvious how particular technical choices during the design and use of computing systems could be viewed from an ethical perspective. I am interested in exploring the ethical challenges within semiconductor chip design, IoT applications, and artificial intelligence, and its impact on the design processes, tools, and hardware-software stacks of various computing systems.

Selected Publications

S. Pasricha, “Ethics in Computing Education: Challenges and Experience with Embedded Ethics”, ACM GLSVLSI, 2023.

S. Pasricha, M. Wolf, “Ethical Design of Computers: From Semiconductors to IoT and Artificial Intelligence“, IEEE Design & Test, 2023.

S. Pasricha, “AI Ethics in Smart Healthcare”, IEEE Consumer Electronics, 2023.

S. Pasricha, “Ethics for Digital Medicine: A Path for Ethical Emerging Medical IoT Design”, IEEE Computer, 2023.