Resource Management in Mobile Devices

App-enabled smartphones have been outselling PCs for the past several years. The portability, compact form factor, and feature rich convergence capabilities of app-based devices have fueled their rapid adoption by consumers. However that future growth of this computing paradigm will be critically hampered by battery technology limitations that today make it impossible to operate these devices beyond a few hours for common use cases such as watching streaming video or using the GPS. Often, users end up having to manually shut down location services, turn off Wi-Fi radio, reduce backlight brightness, etc. to extend battery lifetime. These steps are not only cumbersome but also disrupt opportunities for ambient intelligence and collaborative computing. If the several well publicized reports of excessive battery drain in the latest app-based portable devices are any indication, the manner in which energy is optimized in app-based devices requires a radical rethink.

The research objective of this project is to achieve aggressive battery lifetime enhancements for app-based portable computing devices via a coordinated cross layer effort that bridges the gap between user, software application, OS, and hardware component levels. The research focus is on a self-reconfigurable middleware layer that continuously rearranges and tunes available functional and non-functional components into value-added and tailored aggregations that optimize energy consumption. The research aims to derive insights from cross-platform and cross-device profiling studies to develop models for user interaction, battery discharge, and context estimation. The project exploits machine learning techniques as well as new models of computation, e.g., offloading computation from the device to the cloud in an opportunistic manner at runtime.

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