Office Location: ERC B23




Liz McConnell

Master's Student

Research Interests:

  • Liz’s research focus is using machine learning tools to analyze large datasets of groundwater measurements compiled from different contaminated sites. By combining the historical information about chemical concentration, geochemical processes, and subsurface structure that has been collected from many sites across the country, she’s working on applying tools created for big data analysis that may help us understand groundwater remediation and how to optimize treatment.

Previous Education and Work Experience:

  • Before coming to CSU, she worked for over five years in the Remediation Division of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Even before that she went to the University of Texas at Austin and received a BS in Environmental Science. She’s interested in solving complex problems to bring contaminated sites back into productive use. 


  • In her spare time she’s probably in the garden, maybe on her bike, or possibly on a different continent.