Todd H. Wiedemeier Natural Attenuation Scholarship


Todd H. Wiedemeier had over 27 years of experience in environmental engineering and was an internationally-recognized expert in the area of contaminant fate and migration. He was an expert in evaluating natural mechanisms of contaminant attenuation in complex settings. Mr. Wiedemeier was one of the first to recognize that intrinsic bioremediation at many sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents was limited by the amount of organic carbon, and was the first individual to inject vegetable oil to stimulate reductive dechlorination.

Mr. Wiedemeier earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in geology from Colorado State University in 1987 and a Master’s of Science degree in geology from Wichita State University in 1989. Mr. Wiedemeier began his career as a hydrologist and had extensive experience as a technical director, a project manager, and a department manager before starting T.H. Wiedemeier & Associates, Inc. in 2003. Mr. Wiedemeier was the senior author for several landmark documents and also published more than 150 technical papers, books, and training manuals on remediation topics, including contaminant fate and migration, based on his extensive experience in the field.

The Todd H. Wiedemeier Natural Attenuation Scholarship was created in memory of Mr. Wiedemeier by those who recognize Mr. Wiedemeier’s unique and substantial accomplishments. It is a merit-based scholarship that will be awarded annually to a highly motivated undergraduate or graduate student who exemplifies those characteristics that led to the success Mr. Wiedemeier had throughout his professional career – namely a dedication to hard work and exceeding expectations as well as an aptitude to organize and present complex scientific topics. Students should demonstrate an appreciation for the importance of natural attenuation processes in developing an improved understanding of dissolved contaminant fate and transport in the subsurface.

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  1. A full-time undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  2. Demonstrates an interest in groundwater
  3. Maintain a cumulative 3.2 GPA
  4. Submit an essay (500 words or less) on one of the following topics:
    • The impact of natural attenuation science on our understanding of subsurface contaminant fate and transport
    • The impact of Mr. Wiedemeier’s work on the science and application of natural attenuation and/or its’ impact on environmental engineering
    • A summary of recent major advances or the current state-of-the science of subsurface contaminant natural attenuation


  • Amount of $2,500 per year
  • Contingent on availability of highly qualified applicant(s)

Scholarship Objectives

  • Applicants should refer to the objectives for greater detail on the goals of this scholarship.

Application Guide

  • Application deadline is in early fall.
  • Applications will be available online at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Funding Opportunities page or contact Susheela Mallipudi directly at (; 970-491-1174)

Scholarship Contributions

Contributions to the Todd H. Wiedemeier Natural Attenuation Scholarship can be made by mail, phone, and online. Directions for each are provided below.

  1. Phone: Call Matt Carlyon (970-491-5000) and reference the Todd H. Wiedemeier Natural Attenuation Scholarship (76003).
  2. Mail: Make checks payable to Colorado State University Foundation. Reference the scholarship name and code (76003). For security and safety reasons, do not mail cash donations.
    • Mailing Address:
    • Colorado State University Foundation
    • P. O. Box 1870
    • Fort Collins, CO 80522
  3. Online: Visit and search for “Todd H. Wiedemeier Natural Attenuation Scholarship (76003).”
    • Detailed directions are provided here.