Department Funding Opportunities


We are pleased to announce a call for 2018-2019 Civil Engineering graduate student scholarship applications for current graduate students to be awarded in the Fall 2018. A “current” graduate student is one who has completed at least one-full semester in graduate school at Colorado State University. The student must be enrolled in at least 1 regular credit hour –continuing registration does not apply.

To be considered, students should submit one application for all scholarships available. There are a number of Civil Engineering Graduate Scholarships that cover all areas of civil engineering. Please note, many of these scholarships require the student be a full- time student (9 credit hours), but not all.

The deadline for receipt of applications is by 4:00 P.M on Friday September 7 to Susheela Mallipudi, Department of Civil Engineering, A201C Engineering Building. Please put completed applications in an envelope in Susheela’ s mailbox, or drop the application off to her office.

APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE ON- LINE OR in Susheela Mallipudi’s Office (Room A201C, Engineering Building)

Additional Required Information:

• Complete university’s scholarship application through CSUSA which is available online:

o Type “N/A” under essays.

• Complete the FAFAS (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at Some scholarship require financial need.

o International students: Please go as far as you can in the FAFSA and submit. Financial Aid will review what you have completed and submitted.