Pi Tau Sigma (PTS)


There are many reasons that individuals volunteer their time. Some wish to give back, some wish to make a difference or help an organization or the environment. The Tau Psi chapter of PTS uses these opportunities to build new skills, meet new people, and to build confidence. All students are welcome to join PTS in community outreach projects while certain events such as the STEM Nights are reserved for members. If you are interested in volunteering through PTS, send an email to pitausigmacsu@gmail.com expressing your interest and an officer will be in contact with you. 

Stem outreach

For the past few years Pi Tau Sigma has been involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) outreach. Pi Tau Sigma has had members attend STEM events at K-12 schools in the Fort Collins area to exhibit engineering projects. The projects are typically devices members have made during courses at CSU such as Mechatronics, Sophomore Design, or Senior Design. Pi Tau Sigma also typically conducts a model rocket launch during the STEM events. 

Working with the young students is very rewarding and Pi Tau Sigma encourages all of its members to volunteer for the STEM events. This year we are looking to continue this new tradition of STEM outreach and possibly expand to more schools in the area. 

Fall cleanup

Every year Pi Tau Sigma has a group of students attend the Fall Cleanup.  Fall Cleanup is an event that CSU hosts every year where students travel out into the Fort Collins community and help elderly or disabled people cleanup their homes. 


Every spring Pi Tau Sigma participates in CSUnity.  CSUnity is a program put on by CSU to promote community involvment.  During CSUnity students can expect to plant trees, paint houses, visit with senior citizens, sort food, and much more.