Pi Tau Sigma (PTS)



I’m a fifth year here at CSU studying Biomedical and Mechanical engineering and part of the canine exoskeleton for rehabilitation senior design project. After graduation I plan on entering the medical device industry, and ultimately working on myoelectric prostheses down the line.  In my free time I like to work out, read, and play video games or board games with friends.

Marcus Martinez

I am starting my senior year at CSU performing research on the improvement of organic gas imaging cameras to better model natural gas leaks across the country. After this year I will continue this research in Graduate School pursuing my Master’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. I spend my free time with friends, hiking, and playing soccer.


I’m a third year Junior in the mechanical engineering program. I am graduating in 2020 and have yet to decide if grad school is the path for me. My biggest interest in engineering is fluid dynamics. This year I am also a learning assistant for Calc III, and I love it so far. What little free time I have as an engineering major is spent in the kitchen either cooking meals or baking.


I’m a second year graduate student, working on my PhD. in Mechanical Engineering. I received my B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2010, and spent a few years in the Oil & Gas industry before returning to school . When not working on classes or research, I enjoy reading, running, video games and spending time with my two dogs.

Colin Diehl

I am starting my third year here at CSU as a part of the honors college studying mechanical engineering with a minor in math. I am on a five year track currently planning to graduate in the Spring of 2021. I am interested in going into the automotive industry once I graduate with my B.S. I plan on continuing my education by attending graduate school and earning my M.S. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing sports, or participating in any outdoor activity.


I am going into my senior year at CSU with a focus on conducting research under Dr. Olsen on the realization of ultra-low emissions, high efficiency heavy duty natural gas engines. This will continue in the coming years to the pursuit of a Master’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. My passion for automotive and energy research fields around IC engines has driven my through school thus far. My interests outside of school include distance running, cooking, and playing video games.

Alex Grauberger

I am starting my PhD. developing an experimental cooling system specializing in heat transfer, thermodynamics, turbomachinery and technoeconomics. I like to spend my free time working on my 1968 Chevy pickup and going hiking with my wife and Australian Shepard. I hope to someday research and develop new energy systems and one day return to academia as an engineering professor.


I am an older, nontraditional student, who transferred from community college and am now a junior in mechanical engineering at CSU. I am taking a little more time to finish my degree, as this is my 4th year in the program, with plans to graduate in May 2020. I am focused on my classes and trying to get more applicable experience to prepare for industry. I am unsure exactly what I want to do within mechanical engineering, but am interested in mechanical design and energy systems. In my future career I would like to apply my engineering knowledge to the conservation of our environment in some way. When I am not doing school work, I enjoy doing yoga, working on home projects, and nights in with my boyfriend and dogs.

Shantanu Jathar

Dr. Shantanu Jathar joined the mechanical engineering department as an Assistant Professor. He has a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University where he used numerical models and laboratory experiments to understand the atmospheric formation of organic aerosols from combustion sources such as cars, trucks, aircraft and wildfires. He worked as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of California, Davis where he was funded by the California Air Resources Board to improve the treatment of particulate matter in air quality models used for regulatory purposes. His research interests lie at the intersection of energy and the environment. By leveraging laboratory experiments and regional/global air quality models, he intends to study the atmospheric evolution and properties of air pollutants arising from energy systems, all in the interest of addressing future energy and environmental policy.

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