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Network File Space Information

Space on the Engineering network is provided for both personal (U:drive) and working groups that need common file space for research, conferences, laboratories, etc. The table below shows the costs to purchase additional disk quota for U:drive, V:drive, and T:project folders.

Project folders

To apply for a project space on the network, contact the ENS Help Desk or call 491-2917. Please include the full names and engineering network usernames for all those who should have access to the project directory. The full name and purpose of the project is also needed, along with an abbreviation that can be up to 8 characters in length. This abbreviation will be used as the name of the project space as well as the name in the project's web address.

Once created, the project space can be found on the Engineering file services network at:

T:\projects\<project name> (for Windows)
/top/projects/<project name> (for UNIX)

Within the project directory, a "www" sub-directory is created by default. Any web files placed within this directory can be viewed via the Internet at this URL:<project name>/<name of the web file>

The college provides 500MB of network file space for each project requested. Additional file space may be rented by contacting ENS. Pricing examples are shown below.

Network File Space Prices
Years 0.5 1 2 4
5GB $14 $14 $14 $15
25GB $17 $17 $20 $24
100GB $30 $31 $43 $59
500GB $92 $98 $168 $247
1TB $171 $183 $323 $480

This is more expensive than buying a hard disk or external hard disk for a desktop computer because it includes the cost of daily backups and the robustness inherent in enterprise class storage arrays. To rent disk space, please send an email to ENS with the amount of disk space required, the duration for which it is required and the account number to which it can be charged.

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