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Personal File Space

Your personal file space is automatically mapped when you login to any ENS computer lab machine or the Virtual Classroom (VCL).
The drive mapping is your U:drive. You can also access your U:drive from the T:drive as shown below:

  • T:\students\<GRAD or UNGRAD>\<Dept abbrev>\<your login name>
    If you are a student
  • T:\<college\academic or admin>\<Dept abbrev>\<your login name>
    If you are faculty or staff

Within your personal network space, you will find a "home" and a "shared" folder. Your "home" folder is where you can place files you need to save. This folder is the same as your U:\ drive when using a Windows computer. Any file placed in the "shared" directory is available (read-only) to any other user with an Engineering account.

In the "shared" directory, you should have a directory named "drop-box." Use other people's drop-box to give a file to another person within the Engineering network. If you do so, we suggest you also email that person to let them know the file is there. Any file can be copied (or dropped) into the drop-box . Only the owner of the "drop-box" can take a file out. Do not drop folders into the drop-box - only files.

Keep in mind that you do retain "ownership" of all files you place within another person's drop box and those files will count against your total amount of disk space you have available. So you might want to request the recipient remove your files from their drop-box as soon as possible (and thereby transfer the ownership).


Engineering students get a default disk quota of 15GB for their U:drive. Students may request additional disk quota for their U:drive, up to 30GB max, for free. Additional disk quota over 30GB can be purchased by students. Just stop by ENS help desk at Glover 100 to purchase additional disk quota for your U:drive.

Faculty and staff get a default disk quota of 25GB for their U:drive. Additional disk quota over 25GB can be purchased with a CSU account number. Faculty and staff can request additional disk quota by submitting a help ticket here or by sending an email.

Additional disk quota pricing may be found here.

Accessing your personal file space from UNIX/Linux systems

When you login to one of the ENS UNIX/Linux systems you will automatically be placed in your home folder, same as your U:drive in Windows.
The directory path to your U:drive is shown below:

  • /top/students/<GRAD or UNGRAD>/<Dept abbrev>/<your login name>/home
    If you are a student
  • /top/college/<academic or admin>/<Dept abbrev>/<your login name>/home
    If you are faculty or staff

Personal Web space

You should have in your U:\ drive a "public_html" folder. This is the location for your personal webpage files in the College of Engineering. Any HTML files within this folder can be viewed via the Internet. The URL to view these files is:<your login name>/<name of the HTML file>


The character before your login name is a "tilde." It is usually found on your keyboard on the left side next to the "1" key. If you save the file but get an error when you try to view it in the browser you may have permission problems.

If you'd like to learn how to create web pages, read these tutorials.

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This document last modified Tuesday June 06, 2017

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