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Engineering Network Services

Student Staff

ENS student lab employees report to the ENS Lab Manager, Nick Stratton. ENS Help Desk and Student Support employees report to the ENS Help Desk Manager, Lisa Metz.

  • Adam Boyd
  • Diego Carrera
  • Matthew Clark
  • Parker Cline
  • Tyler Doherty
  • Renee Farnes
  • Keabeth Gonzalez
  • Elijah Harris
  • Jonah Heintzleman
  • Andrew Jones
  • Taliesun Landrey
  • Evan Lavertu
  • Tanner Magee
  • Sarah Martinez
  • Nicholas McMahon
  • Alexis Medina Salas
  • Joseph Mpumuro
  • Gryphon Nayman
  • Jacob Royer
  • Tyler Schultz
  • Seth Schwanke
  • Antonio Segovia Maldonado
  • Kiyoshi Soma
  • Stephen Walker-Weinshenker

Interested in working for ENS?

Engineering Network Services employs approximately 15-20 students to augment the services provided by the professional staff. Applications will not be taken until vacant positions are announced. Vacant positions will be advertised with signs in the college computer labs and a notice on the ENS web page. Typically, hiring is done at the end of the Spring and Fall semesters. Please see our employment page for further information.

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