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Engineering Network Services

Off-Campus Connection

Note for Residence Halls users: The CSU Dorms are a separate network from the rest of the university, and as such are considered "off-campus" for purposes of connecting to the Engineering network.

Access to the university network is controlled for security reasons. Access is allowed using a VPN (virtual private network) client. This method encrypts the information that is sent between the user's computer and CSU's VPN server. Encryption makes it very difficult for anyone to capture sensitive data such as passwords.

The VPN client encrypts any traffic between your computer and CSU's VPN server, however keep in mind that once your network traffic leaves the VPN server it is no longer secure, unless you are accessing a secure web page.

These instructions assume you already have a good connection to the Internet. Click here for instructions on how to get connected in the Residence Halls

Connect to the CSU Central Wireless Network using a VPN

Please see the ENS VPN instruction page.

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This document last modified Thursday February 11, 2016

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