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Email Information

Colorado State University provides email services with Microsoft using Office 365, or “O365” for faculty, staff and graduate students. Undergraduate students are provided a Google Apps account.


Undergraduates are provided a Google Apps account and an email address of This email address comes with a set of communication tools that includes a personal website, chat, applications that give you the ability to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and calendars in a collaborative fashion.

Faculty, staff and graduate students are provided email service through Microsoft’s Office 365 and it is administered by CSU's Academic Computing and Network Services (ACNS).

Configuring Your Mail Client

ENS supports Microsoft Outlook. Please visit the ACNS O365 website here for help configuring Outlook and other email clients.

Virus Scanning

All Office 365 emails are scanned for viruses and spam by the O365 servers.

The Google Apps emails are scanned by Google servers for viruses and spam.

Alumni Email

Need an Engineering Alumni email address? Please contact the Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering Development Office.

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This document last modified Monday November 13, 2017

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