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Dual Resin Bonding
Joining studies on thermoplastic matrix composites without special surface treatments or tooling have addressed process variations and joint performance. These studies were performed using carbon fiber reinforced PEEK adherends and PEI as the miscible polymer. Testing of joint strength was performed over the temperature range from -150C to 150C. The bonding technique was found to be very insensitive to surface preparation and consistantly yielded high bond strengths. Later work has investigated the effects of varying time and temperature during processing on the mode of failure and ultimate performance.

Research investigates processing and performance of these NASA Langley patented thermoplastic materials. Test coupons, both neat and particulate-filled, are produced by compression molding and tested in tension and flexure. Small-scale injection molding is being pursued, as are micro-composites of these materials. Data has been obtained at temperatures ranging from -150C to 150C. Processing research has indicated the ability to make measurable changes to the material microstructure.

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