Keysight – Opportunities Within Companies

Our presenters, Keysight Technologies, has invited us to the Loveland campus at 1pm on Friday, April 21st

To begin the seminar, Keysight will briefly explain the different opportunities that they have in their departments. From sales to R&D to testing, there are multiple opportunities even within one company and Keysight hopes to exemplify the prospective jobs for ECE students.

After explaining the different roles available, the Keysight team will give a tour of the facility. There will be an opportunity to visit the labs and see how a company functions, the culture at Keysight, and witness the engineering process.

Keysight plays a large role in our education as they provide the equipment for our labs. They work with many different industries, including automotive. There are many directions an Electrical or Computer engineer can go, and this is a great option for those curious about some of the different areas like automotive and test equipment.