Working in Aerospace

Our presenters, David Rankin and Cory Smith, invite you to join us on March 6th at 6:00 pm in Engr B101

Dave Rankin is a graduate from the United States Air Force Academy with a bachelors in Electrical Engineering. After his time in the service, he returned to school to get his MBA at Georgia State University. Dave has spent his entire career in Aerospace. Begining with the USAF, continuing on to Adam Aircraft, and currently heading a small company, Peregrine Avionics, Dave has found ways to succeed in an industry that’s not always so friendly. His experiences have helped lead him to owning his own company. Today, he uses his engineering degree to solve a large variety of problems. For infomration about the company, please visit

Cory Smith is a recent graduate of Colorado State University’s Electrical Engineering department and began working at Pergrine post graduation. He began with a passion for aerospace, but chose electrical engineering. When the time came, an aerospace opportunity came and now he is working with the FAA and flying in small aircraft as a job.