Chemical Vapor Infiltration

Chemical Vapor Infiltration of Carbon/Carbon

Process modifications for the infiltration of carbon into carbon fiber preforms is the principal focus. Graduate research has investigated the effects of using pulsed chemical vapor infiltration rather than conventional constant flow (batch mode) to densify fiberous preforms. This work generated curves of the varying level of densification through the preform thickness related to changes in pulsing parameters. Results indicate that some reduction in time to densify can be obtained, but most importantly it was found that substantially less precursor gas was used during pulsing to obtain similar levels of densification.


CMMS Computer Controlled Pulsed CVI System


Related Publications

Conference Proceedings

  • Radford, D.W. and Ross, R.A., “Densification of C/C Composites using Pulsed Chemical Vapor Infiltration”, ICCM-12, Paris, France, July 6 – 9, 1999.

Related Theses

  • Ross, R.A., “The Densification of C/C Composites Using Pulsed Chemical Vapor Infiltration”, MS Thesis, Colorado State University, Spring 1995.