Travis BaileyDr. Travis Bailey joined the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering as an assistant professor in July of 2005. Dr. Bailey received B.S. degrees in both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from University of Florida in 1995, and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2001. His research interests at Colorado State focus on the synthesis of novel self-assembling polymer systems and their applications in a variety of environments, including polymer-based photovoltaics, ion- and hydro-gel-based membranes and separations media, chemical delivery vehicles, and stimuli-responsive “smart materials. They are interested in the thermodynamics of and dynamics of shape memory and recovery in these types of materials, and developing strategies to exploit these properties in applications such as those listed above.

Nanostructured Materials

Block Copolymer Self-assembly

Stimuli-responsive Gels and Membranes

Inorganic-Polymer Composites

  • 2011,2007 – CBE Outstanding Teacher Award, Department of Chemical and Biological Engneering
  • 2011 – Engineering Days Best Professor, College of Engineering
  • 2009 – George T. Abell Outstanding Teaching & Service Faculty Award, College of Engineering
  • 2008,2007,2006 – CSU Best Teacher Award Nominee, CSU Alumni Association
  • 2008,2007 – National Science Foundation CAREER Award, National Science Foundation
  • 2008 – CSU Best Teacher Award Recipient, CSU Alumni Association
  • 2007 – CSU Greek Community Oustanding Faculty Member, CSU Greek Community
  • 1998,1997,1995 – National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, National Science Foundation
  • 1995 – University of Minnesota Graduate School Fellowship (forfeited), University of Minnesota
  • 1995 – University of Florida Outstanding Four Year Scholar, University of Florida
  • 1994 – National Science Foundation REU Participant, National Science Foundation
  • 1991 – University of Florida Wentworth Scholar, University of Florida

CBE 201 – Material and Energy Balances
CBE 514 – Polymer Science and Engineering
CBE 493 – Professional Development Seminar
BTEC 499 – Biotechnology ISCP Research Thesis

Country: Netherlands
Contact: University of Eindhoven, Research Collaboration – Student Exchange

Country: Netherlands
Contact: Dutch National Research School for Polymer Technology, Short Course Instructor