Graduate Exam Abstract

Minda Le

Ph.D. Qualifying
April 17, 2009, 3:00pm
Engr B103

Abstract: This is a qualifying exam

Adviser: Chandrasekar V. Chandra
Co-Adviser: NA
Non-ECE Member: Dr. Paul W.Mielke(statistics dept)
Member 3: Dr. Anura P. Jayasumana
Addional Members: NA

1, Direk Kajonrat ,Chandrasekar V. Chandra ,Minda Le, Tropical Cyclone Nargis over Myanmar: Vertical structure and Microphysics based on Space-based Radar observations, IGARSS08 conference<> 2, Chandrasekar V. Chandra, Direk Kajonrat, Minda Le , Simulation of Spaced-Based Radar Observations of Precipitation: Application to GPM-DPR , PMM08 conference<>

Publications to be Reviewed:

Program of Study: