ECE IEEE Fellows at Colorado State

What is an IEEE Fellow?

Recognizing unusual distinction in the engineering profession, IEEE Fellows are awarded to individuals with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. With IEEE's worldwide membership topping 429,000, no more than 0.1% of members can be named a Fellow in a given year.

ECE Faculty Fellow Citations

Chandra Head Shot

Venkatachalam Chandrasekar
For contributions to quantitative remote measurement and classification of precipitation

Chong Head Shot

Edwin Chong
For contributions to communication networks and discrete event systems

Collins Head Shot

George J. Collins
For contributions to the understanding and development of rare-gas-metal-vapor lasers and to laser processing of microelectronic films

Maciejewski Head Shot

Anthony A. Maciejewski
For contributions to the design and control of kinematically redundant robots

Marconi Head Shot

Mario Marconi
For contributions to development and use of compact soft x-ray lasers

Menoni Head Shot

Carmen Menoni
For contributions to nano-scale imaging with ultraviolet lasers, and semiconductor optical materials and devices

Morton Head Shot

Jade Morton
For contributions to the understanding of ionospherice effects on global navigation satellite signals

Notaros Head Shot

Branislav Notaros
For contributions to higher order methods in computational electromagnetics

Rocca Head Shot

Jorge J. Rocca
For the development of plasma excited lasers and the tabletop soft x-ray laser

Sega Head Shot

Ronald Sega
For contributions to material research in space and regional engineering education

Siegel Head Shot

Howard J. Siegel
For contributions to the analysis and design of interconnection networks for highly parallel processors

Yang Head Shot

Liuqing Yang
For contributions to theory and practice of ultra-wideband communications