Future ECE Students

ECE is one of the hottest majors in demand by employers. But our program will earn you more than a high-paying salary. You will find your fit and craft a career around your passions. You will learn how to create a better world for all.


of ECE graduates found employment
related to their major last year


average starting salary for ECE graduates
(CSU average is $49,262)


industry professionals spend with our students
through the Engineer in Residence program


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Visit Us

Our website only begins to tell the story of what it means to be an ECE student at Colorado State University. We invite you to visit campus to learn more and get to know us.

Take a Tour, Ask Questions

Meet with our staff, faculty, and students to learn about our major. Ask us questions and let us show you why we love ECE at CSU.

Engineering Exploration Day

Explore ECE at our free visit day offered twice each year for high school students, parents, and community members.

ECE Projects Display

Freshman and sophomores are eager to share their cool projects with future students.

Engineering Days
April 24, 2020

Seniors proudly display their multidisciplinary design projects for the general public.

Creativity 24/7

ECE students are imaginative and inventive, and love the thrill of problem-solving. From your freshman to senior year, you will have the chance to build projects of your choice. We will arm you with the latest tools that can turn any PC into a powerful workstation for exploring your creativity beyond the lab.

Projects Throughout the Curriculum

Students are turning their bold ideas into original projects at every level of our program.

Meet Our Engineers in Residence

Look no further than our labs to learn what it means to be an engineer. We bring practicing professionals to campus to mentor students and share their perspectives.

Dumpster Dive Competition

Get involved in student activities such as our annual Dumpster Dive Competition – a day-long hacker challenge for students by students.

The Senior Design Experience

Everything you’ve learned as an undergraduate comes together in senior design. You will work on a team to design a project that satisfies real customer requirements.

Undergraduate Programs

Supported by a five-year, $2 million RED (Revolutionizing Engineering Departments) grant from the National Science Foundation, our department is reinventing teaching and learning to show you what real engineering is.

Revolutionizing Engineering Education

Through hands-on knowledge integration (KI) activities, our approach to education is empowering students to be the fuel for change.

ECE is a broad discipline that is essential to our everyday lives. Our professors will teach you to think like an engineer to drive what’s next in technology, from advanced medical imaging solutions to self-driving cars to smart homes.

The Future is What We Do

You may think ECE is magic – and it kind of is. We are the generators of ideas and the force that connects people with technology to create a better world for all. Is that magic? Almost. And we’d love to show you how it works.


Innovative Projects – Brought to you by ECE


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