Graduate Exam Abstract

Omid Masihzadeh

Ph.D. Qualifying
December 9, 2008, 14:00
Lory Student Center Room 210

Abstract: This is a Qualifying exam

Adviser: Randy Bartels
Co-Adviser: No co-advisor
Non-ECE Member: Roberts, Jacob (Department of physics )
Member 3: Dr. Mario C. Marconi (ECE)
Addional Members: None

1) Complete polarization state control of ultrafast laser pulses with a single linear spatial light modulator
2)Tomographic retrieval of the polarization state of an ultrafast laser pulse
3) Optimal single-pulse excitation of rotational impulsive molecular phase modulation
4) Transient Optical Susceptibility Induced by Nonperturbative Rotational Wave Packets.
5) Rotational wave packet dynamics correlated to ultrafast non-time-stationary linear and nonlinear optical susceptibilities

Publications to be Reviewed:
Simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing in nonlinear microscopy.

Femtosecond Direct space-to-time pulse shaping.

Program of Study: