Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


IEEE Membership

Become a member of IEEE for access to benefits the organization offers. Here are the membership fees. Student membership is discounted.

HKN Tutoring

HKN offers free tutoring in ECE-related courses in the BC infill. The times and subjects for Spring 18 are:

    Monday 1:30-2:30, ECE102, ECE103, ECE202
    Wednesday 11:00-12:00, all courses 
    Thursday 1:00-2:00, all courses

If you have special requests, please email For more information, visit HKN’s webpage here.

Engineers in Residence (EiR) Schedule

CSU’s Engineers in Residence program unites academics with professional experience. EiR’s are volunteers who help CSU students with projects, give advice on professional matters, or just talk about their experience in industry. Learn more about CSU’s EiR Program here, or speak to an EiR yourself in B111. Their schedule this semester can be found here, as well as outside of B111.