Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


President - Ben Beauvais

Senior – Electrical Engineering

My name is Ben, and I am a junior in Electrical Engineering. I grew up here in the Fort Collins area, and I have always been developing my passion for working with electronics in as many ways as I can. I have worked with electronic circuits and systems of all kinds, from small-scale robotics to commercial power distribution centers. I enjoy spending my free time in my workshop just tinkering around with whatever I can. I hold an International Baccalaureate Diploma, and I am most interested in the growing field of renewable energy, making power generation and transmission fully sustainable.

Vice President - Ty Thourot

Junior – Electrical Engineering

My name is Ty Thourot, and I am an electrical engineering student. I have a passion for hardware, from robotics to chip design. I work with ASEM, SEDS, AIAA and look forward to bringing these connections to IEEE.

Treasurer - Ryan Guidice

Senior – Computer Engineering

Hi there, my name is Ryan Guidice and I am a junior in Computer Engineering. I have been an officer in IEEE since my freshman year, where I helped manage this website. Since then I’ve helped organize events, attended regional meetings and helped with other club operations. I look forward to the opportunity to keep working with the other officers to improve IEEE’s presence at CSU!

Secretary - Drew Rackow

Senior – Computer Engineering

Drew is currently pursuing his second Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. His primary focuses are AI and chip design, and he looks forward to helping new students leverage IEEE to expand their academic and professional network and get more involved with the local engineering community.

Advisor - Dr. Ryan G. Kim

Hi! My name is Ryan G. Kim and I’m an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I obtained my B.S. in Computer Engineering and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering both from Washington State University (Go Cougs!). I was born and raised in Hawaii and enjoy nature. My current research includes resource management and design automation techniques for manycore systems. I am looking forward to assisting the IEEE chapter here at CSU.