Biomedical Engineering Society


Our Goal

Our goal is to develop an assistive driving system for a student at CSU with no arms. This includes designing, prototyping, and building a mechanical foot-steering system as well as an electronic control panel which enables accessible turn signals, blinker use, and other vital electronics that one needs to drive safely.

We have a great team of dedicated students and are always looking for those who might be interested. If you’re interested, please fill out this interest form:

Full Simulator with Monitor
Team Photo

V1: Foot-Driven Race Simulator

Over the course of the Spring 2023 semester, we utilized the I2P 3D Printing Lab to successfully design a mechanical foot-steering system and adjustable electronic control panel with a display screen, which were then integrated into a donated NextLevel Racing F-GT driving simulator. Components of the steering mechanism were modeled in SolidWorks. The parts that were made out of sheet metal were cut from water jets, while the rest were 3D printed. The control panel and display screen were also 3D printed, of which we took into account user comfort, safety, and accessibility.

In future semesters, we’ll learn from Technical Design Reviews with Industry and Faculty and implement that newfound knowledge to develop a system for a small vehicle.

Original Racing SImulator

Original Racing Simulator

E-Days at CSU

On April 24, we showcased our progress at E-days. Hosted by the ECC, this event was an opportunity for clubs to present their progress to the public as well as display the Senior Design Projects. As part of our display, we had our customized racing simulator hooked up to a monitor so people could test drive the design for themselves! We believe that this event was a huge success and are excited to start version 2 of this project.

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Painting and Assembling

Several weekends before E-days, each part was spray painted for a cleaner look. During this time, we also made last-minute modifications to the electronics and was able to successfully hookup our technology with the original simulator.

Solidworks Models

Each component that we printed or cut was first modeled in SolidWorks. Below are several renders of the different parts we used in our design.

Foot plate
metal plate
Display panel