Biomedical Engineering Society


Formally known as the “Biomed Bootcamp”, the Outreach Program serves to educate and motivate the youth of Fort Collins to learn about the world of Biomedical Engineering. For six consecutive years, leaders of the Biomedical Engineering Society CSU Chapter have organized hands on activities that immerse our local K-12 students. Some of these activities include a lung-diaphragm model, a pH-indicator activity extracted from purple cabbage, a DIY heart rate monitor, a 3D-printed model of human vertebrae, and more. With each activity, BMES officers and volunteers guide the students and supply information while allowing them to make discoveries on their own and grow. We are thrilled to welcome students back in person and to kick off the 2023-2024 school year! 

Fall 2023 Outreach Event

This semester, middle and high school students came to CSU to learn about the vast field of biomedical engineering! The event consisted of giving short presentations to these students on each of the three activities, followed by time for them to build their projects. In the end, students were able to take home what they had made.

Chemical and Biological Engineering: Strawberry DNA

Students extracted DNA from strawberries using dish soap and isopropyl alcohol! Together, they mixed chemicals together and saw how the DNA separated from the rest of the strawberry.


Mechanical Engineering: 3D Printed Bones and Muscles

Using rubber bands to simulate muscles and 3D printed parts as bones, students assembled a human arm! This included the ulna, radius, and humerus. For muscles, they simulated the biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles. In the end, students were able to extend and contract their model arm.


Electrical Engineering: Neurons and Circuits

Students were introduced to breadboards, LEDs, and resistors while learning about circuitry! They also learned how neurons in the body communicate with one another and customized their very own 3D printed neuron.


Past Outreach Events

During this semester, instead of students coming to CSU we came to them! We attended multiple middle and high schools in Fort Collins and Greeley. This time we focused on one bigger activity that could be completed in an hour or less to fit within one class period. 

DIY Lava Lamp

Students made their own lava lamp that was fueled from heat from a candle! During this time, they learned about different chemical reactions and how that can be applied to our bodies. In the end, everyone was able to take home their personalized lava lamp and watch it in action!

Chemical and Biological Engineering: DNA Swish Jewelry

Students extracted DNA from a salt-water solution, swished in the mouth to obtain cheek cells. After applying simple dish soap and isopropyl alcohol, DNA clumps would accumulate. These clumps were extracted using pipettes and placed inside stylish vials. Colored string and beads were available to choose from to create your own personalized necklace!



Mechanical Engineering: Prosthetic Hand

Out of common crafty materials, students made a “prosthetic hand” using cardboard, string, hot glue, straws, and tape. Each string served as the “tendons” that would make it possible to move individual fingers. After letting the hot glue dry, students participated in a lifting competition to test the effectiveness of their new hand. Bone and syringe pen prizes were earned for those that could lift one of the three items!




Electrical Engineering: Breadboard Circuitry

For the EE activity, students received hands-on experience with creating circuits using a classic breadboard, wires, tactile buttons, LEDs, resistors, and a 9V Battery. BMES volunteers assisted the students in establishing both in-series and in-parallel circuits. Students could customize LED colors and stack as many lights as possible. They were allowed to take their setup home to continue experimenting.