Biomedical Engineering Society

Welcome To CSU's Biomedical Engineering Society Chapter

Get involved in Colorado State University’s Biomedical Engineering Department. Meet other students that are taking the same classes as you. Learn from the experiences of your peers, faculty, and industry professionals to improve yourself professionally and academically. Proudly sponsored by:


BMES helps you prepare for your academic and professional careers. We communicate with the BME department and local industry to regularly provide opportunities to our members including positions in research labs, internships, networking, and academic events. Being involved also allows you to meet and make friends with other students interested in biomedical engineering, many of which can help you with your classes.

Q: Do I need to have a BME major, or another related engineering major, to be a part of BMES?

A: NO!

We encourage anyone interested in biomedical engineering and the related fields to join us for meetings and events, regardless of major and background. If you are considering getting involved, please check out the link below and join us for a meeting that sounds interesting to you!



CSU’s BMES chapter is a professional society for students interested in the vast field of bioengineering. As a part of the larger National BMES, our goal is to connect students with industry members, research opportunities, and one another. And, to support our local community through outreach projects, such as promoting the learning and discovery of bioengineering for younger students.

Click here for: CSU BMES Constitution