Biomedical Engineering Society

Industry and Networking

Connecting Students to the Biotech Industry via:

Company representatives regularly attend CSU as guest speakers to talk about their work, company, and the industry. Companies include: ConMed, Hyde, Tensentric, Medtronic, etc.

We also organize tours for our members. This semester, we had one at Medtronic and are currently working with Stryker to organize tour dates for next term.

Lunch with Industry is another popular event for members. In addition to networking with industry representatives, you enjoy a free meal!

This yearly biotech-specific career expo is a great opportunity to network with the local biomedical industry and establish connection to representatives.

BioInnovate Career Expo

Launched just this year, this biotech-specific career fair connects bright minded Colorado students to leading biotech companies and research labs. We hope to continue to host this event each year for students to network and establish connections with leaders in the industry.

Students, this is a great way to get into the biotech space! Whether you are a freshman eager to learn more about career pathways, or a senior preparing for a career after graduation, BioInnovate is the perfect opportunity to connect with industry and research.

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