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ASME is an international professional organization that is designed for engineers. ASME has been broadened to not only mechanical engineers but all aspects of engineering internationally. The student section here at Colorado State University offers many benefits to students. We bring speakers to the college, we have competitive regional and national design competitions, and we offer a quiet studying location in the ASME Lounge. We also participate in fundraising activities such as the Coffee Cart, sell engineering T-shirts, and thermodynamic lab manuals. One of the greatest things that ASME student section offers is the opportunity to get involved with extracurricular activities where we can broaden ourselves as individuals. Along the way we meet professors, leaders in the business, and friends that will help us to become professionals.


The ASME lounge is located in ENGR A5 at the foot of ENGR 100.


CSU’s ASME chapter brings mechanical engineering students together in a professional community to promote the discipline and ensure success through extracurricular activities. This means that we would like to provide students with exposure to professionalism through fun activities, industry tours, and PLI sessions. The keyword here is fun, professionalism is often put into a very rigorous setting whereas here we see enjoyment in our jobs and think that should translate into how this is all displayed. Engineering is fun and that’s why we all do it.