Tau Beta Pi (TBP)


Grant Moore
Grant Moore (President)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

About: I am currently a senior in Mechanical Engineering. My hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, autocross, and traveling. Recently, I have been getting into unicycling and working on my car! After graduation, I hope to work on both the engineering and business side of a company. I have visited 10 countries: United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, South Korea, and Japan.

Email: Grant.Moore@rams.colostate.edu

Michael Gaffney (Vice President)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

About: I am pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering as well as a minor in computer science. The best part about mechanical engineering is the large diversity of problems that I get to work on ranging from helping creating more efficient modes of transportation to helping run and maintain a 3D printing lab for students. Outside of engineering my biggest passion is playing and watching soccer.

Email: mjgaffne@rams.colostate.edu 

Mariah Wang (Treasurer)

Major: Environmental Engineering

About: Aside from being a busy student, I enjoy doing archery, gallery hopping, investing in stocks, learning, and spending some lazy days hanging out with friends, while I also find it calming when I run or meditate. I am PRIVILEGED for being able to live an abundant life that I desire (even just for having safe drinking water!) and hope that I can give back with what I have and be an advocate for those who are disadvantaged.

Email: mariahwa@rams.colostate.edu

Matthew Clark (Secretary)

Major: Computer Engineering

About: I am currently a junior in the Computer Engineering program. I built my very first computer at the age of 14 and have continued to learn everything I can about them ever since. The most rewarding part of this major is watching hours, or days, worth of work finally take shape. I also have a degree in Anthropology, I did my field work at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey; where I lived for almost a year. My goal is to work in robotic prosthetics research or similar field. Engineering is about solving problems people did not even know they had.  

Email: mclark25@rams.colostate.edu

Rebecca Tullberg (Special Projects)

Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering

About:  I am currently a senior in Chemical and Biological Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. In addition to my love of engineering, I also enjoy hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and anything else outdoors. I currently work in a lab doing research on methane emissions, and hope to get a job in a related field.

Email: rtullber@rams.colostate.edu

Victoria Palmer (MEMO)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

About: I am a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student with minors in Business Administration and Leadership Studies graduating in May 2019. I chose engineering because engineers help design and shape the future. After graduation, I am hoping to either pursue a career in engineering education or project management. I’m interested in developing energy, biomedical, or educational technologies.  In my free time, I enjoy volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County and spending time with my sorority sisters. I enjoy reading good books, baking desserts, and meeting people. I’m excited to provide outreach opportunities this semester.

Email: palm5783@rams.colostate.edu

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