Teaching & Training Experience


Basic Hydrology, Surface Hydrology, Fluid Mechanics, Statics, Hydraulics Laboratory
Hydraulic Engineering, Hydrometry, Water Resources Engineering,
Probability and Statistics Applied to Civil Engineering, Statistics in Water Resources,
Stochastic Processes in Hydrology, Stochastic Simulation Models, Hydrology for Highway Engineers,
Modeling Watershed Hydrology, Control of Floods and Droughts,
Risk Analysis in Water & Environmental Engineering,
Stochastic Analysis of Water and Environmental Systems,
Long Range Streamflow Forecasting,
Hydrologic Risk of Extreme Events in Non-stationary Environments


USA: Colorado State University (1976 2011), University of Pittsburgh (1972 1973);
Federal Highway Administration (1978); Tampa Bay Water, Tampa (2003),
EWRI (2013)
ITALY: University of Genoa (1985, 2013); WARREDOC, Perugia (1985-1995); Politecnico di Milano (1992); University of Catania, Sicily (1994, 2000)
SPAIN: Polytechnical Univ. of Valencia (1986)
SWITZERLAND: ETH, Zurich (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006)
PORTUGAL: Technical University of Lisbon (1985)
INDIA: Central Water Commission, New Delhi (1985)
EGYPT: Water Research Center, Cairo (1990, 1991)
PHILIPPINES: National Irrigation Administration, Manila (1981)
ARGENTINA: University of Litoral, Santa Fe (1995, 1997); University of San Juan (1997)
ECUADOR: University of Guayaquil, Guayaquil (1978)
VENEZUELA: Interamerican Center of Water and Land Development (CIDIAT), Merida (1974, 1976);
Interamerican Center for Regional Development, Maracaibo, Venezuela (1976)
GUATEMALA: University of San Carlos (1978)
COSTA RICA: Technological Institute of Costa Rica (2009)
PERU: National University of Engineering (UNI), Lima (1968, 2004, 2013); National Agrarian University (UNA), Lima (1975, 2000, 2008, 2009, 2010); Ministry of Agriculture, Lima, Perú (1978, 1980).

Regular Courses Taught at Colorado State University

CIVE 322 Basic Hydrology
CIVE 401 Hydraulic Engineering
CIVE 524 Modeling Watershed Hydrology
CIVE 622 Risk Analysis of Water/Environmental Systems
CIVE 624 Control of Floods and Droughts
CIVE 721 Stochastic Water and Environmental Systems