Stochastic Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation SAMS 2007

SAMS is a computer software package that deals with the stochastic analysis, modeling, and simulation of hydrologic time series such as annual and monthly streamflows. It has been developed as a cooperative effort between Colorado State University and the US Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado. SAMS has been written in C++ and Fortran and runs under modern windows operating systems such as WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS NT, and WINDOWS XP. The package consists of many menu windows that enable the user to choose among various options that are currently available. SAMS has the capability of analyzing, modeling and generating single site and multisite annual and seasonal data and the results of the analysis are presented in graphical or tabular forms or are written on output files. The current version of SAMS, denoted as SAMS-2007, may be applicable for annual and seasonal data such as quarterly and monthly data. SAMS allows for three basic options: 1) Statistical Analysis of Data, 2) Fitting a Stochastic Model (includes parameter estimation and testing), and 3) Generating Synthetic Series. Further details about SAMS may be obtained from Overview and SAMS Description as shown below.

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