Major Professor and Advisor (or Co-Advisor*) of Ph.D. and M.S. Students

Ph. D. Students (Colorado State University)

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External Committee Member of Ph.D. Students

Canada: University of Waterloo, Waterloo
R.M. Thompstone
"Topics in Hydrological Time Series Modeling", 1983

University of Manitoba, Manitoba
B. Akintug
"Analysis of System Drought for Manitoba Hydro Using Stochastic Methods", 2006
Korea: Yonsei University, Korea
Hongjoon Shin
"Uncertainty Asssement of Quantile Estimators Based on the Generalized Logistic Distribution", 2009

Yonsei University, Korea
Joon-Hak Lee
"Estimation of Annual Rainfall Erosivity and Development of Iso-erodent Map for the Korean Peninsula", 2011

Yonsei University, Korea
Sooyoung Kim
"Nonstationary Frequency Analysis for the Gumbel and General Extreme Value Distributions", 2013
Peru: Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM)
G. Medina
"Analisis Multifractal de la Deglaciacion de los Nevados Huandoy y Pastoruri en Los Andes del Peru", 2011
Spain: Polytechnical University of Valencia, Spain
B.A. Botero Hernandez
"Estudios de Crecidas de Alto Periodo de Retorno Mediante Funciones de Distribucion con Limite Superior e Informacion No Sistematica", 2006

M.S. Students (Colorado State University)

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