Professional Activities

Oct. 1984: NSF Review Panel for Young Presidential Awards, Washington, DC.
Dec. 14-18, 1987: Invited U.S. Representative for the NSF Flood Hazard Workshop, U.S.-Asia Conference on Engineering for Mitigating Natural Hazards Damage, Bangkok, Thailand.
Sept. 16-28, 1989: Co-Director of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Stochastic Hydrology and its Use in Water Resources Systems Simulation and Optimization," Peņiscola, Spain.
April 24-26, 1991: NSF Panel Review for Site Visit to Center for Tropical Research, San Juan, P. Rico.
Oct. 1991 - Jul. 1992: HydroQuebec Expert Panel, Montreal, Canada.
June 25, 1992: Keynote Speaker on "Time and Space Aggregation of Streamflow Processes" at the International Workshop on Advances in Distributed Hydrology, Bergamo, Italy.
Jan. 1995: NSF Panel Review for Young Presidential Awards, Washington DC.
Nov. 1995: U.S. Director of the NSF "U.S.-Italy Research Workshop on the Hydrometeorology, Impacts and Management of Extreme Floods", Perugia, Italy.
1987 - 1995: Associate Editor, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering of ASCE.
Jan. 20, 1995: Panel Member on "Special Topics in Probability and Statistics for Hydrometeorology", 75th Anniversary of the American Meteorological Society, Conference on Hydrology, Dallas, Texas.
1995 - 2005: Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Hydrologic Engineering of ASCE.
April 13-18, 1996: World Bank Expert Panel, SEDAPAL, Peru.
June 7-9, 1996: Invited U.S. Representative to the UNESCO Workshop on the Use of Multimedia in Hydrology and Water Resources, Polytechnical University of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.
Nov. 28, 1996: Keynote Speaker on "Hydrology of Arid and Semiarid Regions", II International Conference on Mediterranean Hydrology, Valencia, Spain.
May 15, 1997: Keynote Conference on "Risk and Uncertainty in Water Resources", II Latinamerican Conference on Environmental Risk, Valencia, Venezuela.
Nov. 5, 1997: Keynote Conference on "Civil Engineering: A World of Risks and Uncertainties", XI National Congress of Civil Engineering, Trujillo, Peru.
Nov. 5, 1998: Keynote Speaker on "Risk and Uncertainty Management of Extreme Hydrologic Events", V Annual Meeting on Watershed Management, Tacna, Peru.
May 25, 2000: Keynote Speaker on "Large Scale Climatic Variability and Global Hydrology", Korean Water Resources Association, Seoul, Korea.
July 18, 2000: Keynote Speaker on "Drought Analysis and Mitigation" WARREDOC, Perugia, Italy.
2001 - Present: Member of the Organizing Committee and Member of the Awards Committee of CSU/AGU Hydrology Days
Oct. 2002: World Bank Expert Panel, SEDAPAL, Peru.
June 23, 2004: Keynote Speaker on "Estimation of Low Flows and Droughts: Concepts and Applications", National University of Colombia, Medellin, Colombia.
Nov. 24, 2004: Keynote Speaker on "Oceanic-Atmospheric Variability and its Relation to Extreme Events", International Seminar on New Perspectives of Scientific Research and Technology for Disaster Prevention and Assistance, INDECI, Lima, Peru.
Nov. 4, 2005: Keynote Speaker on "Advances in the Estimation of the Severity of Droughts", 40th Anniversary of CIDIAT, Merida, Venezuela.
June 1, 2007: Keynote Conference on "Advances in Characterizing Extreme Droughts", HYDRO II, Lima, Peru.
Nov. 20, 2007: Keynote Conference on "Characterizing the Dynamics of Droughts Based on Stochastic Methods", HRSD UNESCO International Conference on "Hydrology and Water Management for Hazard Reduction and Sustainable Development", Manila, Philippines.
Jan. 2008 - Present: Associate Editor of the Journal of Hydrology, Elsevier, Europe.
Mar. 21, 2009: Keynote Speaker on "Long-Range Forecasting of Streamflows", I Congress of Water, National Agrarian University, Lima Peru.
April 14, 2009: Keynote Speaker on "Climate Variability and Change in Water Resources", International Congress on Water, Environment, and Health: the Challenges of the Climate Change, Puebla, Mexico.
Oct. 2009: Invited by Xerochore, 7th Framework Program (Europe), Workshop on Socio-Economic & Environmental Impacts of Droughts, Venice, Italy.
May 20, 2010: 2010 Ven Te Chow Lecture on "Stochastic hydrology in the Framework of Climate Variability and Change", delivered at the ASCE/EWRI World Environmental & Water Resources Congress, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
May 25, 2010: Invited Lecture on "Hydrologic Variability and Change: The Role of Stochastic Hydrology", at International Workshop on Advances in Statistical Hydrology, Taormina, Italy, International Association of Hydrologic Science.
July 2010: Keynote Speaker on "Stochastic Simulation and Forecasting in the Framework of Climate Variability and Change", 10th International Symposium on Stochastic Hydraulics, Water 2010, Quebec City, Canada.
Dec. 2010: Invited Seminar at World Bank, Water Experts Meeting to discuss on Climate Variability and Change in Hydrology and Water Resources, Washington D.C.
Dec. 2011: Keynote Speaker on "Estimating the Uncertainty of Extreme Hydrologic Events", 2nd International Seminar on "Typhoon and Flood Defense Strategies", Seoul, Korea.
May 31, 2013: 2013 Enrico Marchi Lecture, "Quantifying Hydrologic Risk in a Changing World", Milan, Italy.