What is AIAA?

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics(AIAA) is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession, with over 30,000 members worldwise. AIAA at CSU is an organization that is dedicated to introducing students to aerospace industry connections, as well as providing opportunities for students to gain experience in the fields of aeronautics and astronautics. Our organization is a registered student branch of AIAA dedicated to giving  real world, hands on experience to our steedent members through a collection of lectures, seminars, and competitions centered on the aerospace industry. AIAA welcomes students from all degrees at CSU, anyone with a passion for aerospace or auronautics is encouraged to join! Being involved in AIAA is a great networking tool and a whole lot of fun!

Ready to join?

Fill out this form and pay a $5 membership fee to Jeff Larchar(treasurer) by 9/26 to become a member of AIAA at CSU!

Next meeting!

Date Tuesday, September 26
Time 7:00 pm
Place Engineering 120 
Join us in playing Quadcopter Soccer! we will put 4 small quadcopters against eachother in the ultimate aviation soccer sport.