Thomas Bradley (CV)

Graduate Students

  1. Dustin Birch, PhD Candidate
  2. Ian Lunsford, PhD Candidate
  3. Paulo Younse, PhD Candidate
  4. Christopher Roberts, PhD Candidate
  5. David Trinko, PhD Candidate
  6. Aaron Rabinowitz, PhD Candidate
  7. Clinton Knackstedt, MS Candidate
  8. Ben McKenney, MS Candidate
  9. Derek Adelmann, MS Candidate
  10. Samantha White, MS Candidate
  11. Peter Lobato, MS Candidate
  12. Chon Chia Ang, MS Candidate

Undergraduate Students

Through the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge, the CSU Industrial Assessment Center, MECH 486 and MECH 498, we have about 40 undergraduate employees and volunteers working our lab at any given time.  

If you are CSU undergraduate student in any major across campus, and are interested in working on these research projects, contact Dr. Bradley.  

Laboratory Alumni

  1. Carlos Quiroz-Arita, PhD 2018 (Idaho National Laboratory), Sustainability tradeoffs within photoautotrophic cultivation systems: integrating physical and lifecycle modeling for design and optimization
  2. Bao Nguyen, MS., 2018 (Plasma Controls, LLC) Low Work Function Filament Cathodes for Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing
  3. Zach Asher, PhD 2018 (Western Michigan University) Prediction and Sensing Algorithms for HEV fuel economy improvement
  4. David Baker, MS, 2018 (AVL), Development of Predictive Energy Management Strategies for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  5. Charlie Quann, MS, 2017 (Antea Group), Renewables Firming Using Grid-Scale Battery Storage in a Real-Time Pricing Market
  6. Thomas Decker, MS, 2017 (FactorE) A Modeling Tool for Household Biogas Burner Flame Port Design
  7. Cody Pickering, MS, 2016 (Utah State Univ.) Methane emissions from gathering pipeline networks, distribution systems, agriculture, waste management and natural sources
  8. Eric Jambor, MS 2016 (Janicki Industries), Manufacturing and testing of spline geometry using carbon reinforced composite
  9. Spencer Vore, MS 2016 (Seagate), Acquisition and Analysis of Charging and Driving Behavior Data for a Fleet of PHEVs
  10. Christopher Anderson, MS, 2017 (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Investigation of indirect (secondary loop) refrigeration systems in commercial food service buildings.
  11. Clay Bell, PhD 2015 (CSU), State-based engine models for transient applications with a scalable approach to turbocharging
  12. Ray Duthu, PhD 2015 (Ascend Analytics) Financial and environmental impact of new technologies in the energy sector
  13. Zaker Syed, MS 2015 (Clemson University) A real-time building HVAC model implemented as a tool for decision making in early stages of design
  14. Jake Bucher, MS 2014 (Tesla Motors) Analyzing the Real World Integration of Fuel Cell Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and their Effect on Hydrogen Refueling Locations
  15. Mohammad Malakoutirad, MS 2014 (Ford Motor Company) Design Considerations for an Engine-Integrated Natural Gas Compressor
  16. Shawn Salisbury, MS 2014 (Idaho National Laboratory), Understanding Fuel Cell Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Use, Design, and Functionality
  17. Justin Wagner, MS 2014 (Rockwell Collins), Evaluation of Power Assist Hydraulic and Electric Hybrids for Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicle Applications 
  18. Benjamin Geller, MS 2010, PhD 2014 (Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America), Objective Comparison of Hybrid Vehicles through Simulation Optimization
  19. Liaw Batan, PhD 2014 (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Life Cycle and Technoeconomic Analysis of Microalgae-based Biofuels
  20. Kiran Kambly, PhD 2014 (Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.), Real World Energy Use for Conventional and Electrified Transportation
  21. Kristina Armstrong, MS 2013 (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Analysis of Lifecycle Assessment of Food/Energy/Waste Systems and Development and Analysis of Microalgae Cultivation/Wastewater Treatment Inclusive System. 
  22. Matthew Fox, MS 2013 (Tesla Motors), Assessment, Design and Control Strategy Development of a Plug-in Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle for CSU’s EcoCAR2
  23. Jacob Renquist, MS 2013 (General Motors), Economic and Environmental Analysis of Fuel Cell Powered Materials Handling Equipment
  24. Brian Johnston, MS 2012 (Lightning Hybrids, LLC), Assessment of V2G for Department of Defense Applications.
  25. Nicholas Echter, MS 2012 (CZero) Design of Hydraulic Accumulator Systems to Improve Fuel Economy in Industrial-Vehicle Hydraulic Work Circuits.
  26. Baha Al-Alawi, PhD 2012 (Saudi Aramco Fuels Research and Development), Decision support tools for policy development to support market penetration of plug-in vehicles
  27. Timothy Campbell, MS 2012 (Lightning Hybrids, LLC), Dynamic Modeling and Control of Battery-to-Grid Energy Storage Systems
  28. Casey Quinn, MS 2011 (CSU) State of Charge Resolved Modeling of Vehicle to Grid Systems
  29. Jason Quinn, PhD 2011 (Utah State University), Experimental and theoretical models of the microalgae-to-biofuels process for geographic and climactic optimization of bioreactor design
  30. Markus Lutz, MS 2011 (BMW Munich), Development of an Electric-drive Powertrain Test Stand and Battery-to-Grid Storage Test Stand
  31. Eric Wood, MS 2011 (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Investigation of Battery End- of- Life Conditions for Plug- in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  32. Barbara Davis, MS 2010 (Pacific Gas and Electric Company), Understanding the Effects and Infrastructure Needs of Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Charging

Post Doctoral Scholars

  1. Nawa Baral, PhD. 2017-2018, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  2. Brian Dickman, PhD. 2010-2011, Associate Professor, West Virginia University – Institute of Technology
  3. Jason Quinn, PhD. 2011-2012, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University
  4. Kenneth Stanton, PhD. 2010-2012, Teaching Staff, Colorado Early College, Fort Collins, CO
  5. Baha Al-Alawi, PhD. 2012, CalStart, Denver, CO