Automotive Garages
At the CSU Powerhouse Campus, we have access to a full scale automotive engineering research garage including 5 vehicle spaces, a full complement of automotive tools and diagnostic equipment, a 9,000 lb vehicle lift, emissions testing equipment, and more.


Microalgae/Cyanobacteria Cultivation Systems
To support our research on the large scale cultivation of Microalgae/Cyanobacteria for biofuels production and wastewater treatment, CSU has constructed large scale indoor cultivation facilities onsite at the CSU Powerhouse Campus.  These facilities include small scale photobioreactors, 9000L raceway ponds, and their associated thermal and cultivation controls.  

Engine Dynamometers
The Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory at CSU. The 24,000 ft2 laboratory has extensive facilities for testing of engines ranging from 1 hp to 2,500 hp, and is widely recognized as an international leader in the fields of alternative fuels for automobiles, vehicle electrification, and energy systems research focused on developing technology to meet emissions and energy efficiency needs, world-wide.

Secured Simulation and Computing Laboratory
Much of our work requires secure engineering workstations to preserve the intellectual property of our partners, and to implement industrial best practices in project management, design, and analysis.  

Closed Testing Facilities
Colorado State University’s Foothills Campus is the site of the Christman Field test facility.  This 5000ft long runway and its surroundings are controlled airspace and ground space where we perform vehicle and system level testing of autonomy, connectivity, performance, and function.

Model-based Software Development Suite
Through partnerships with leading automotive software and hardware industry (DSpace and Woodward), CSU has developed a laboratory for instruction and research on automotive model-based software development.  This laboratory includes a variety of automotive prototyping controllers, real-time simulation computers, HiL software and hardware.  

Portable Emissions Measurement Equipment 
CSU is the site of extensive emissions testing expertise including a PEMS capable of measuring emissions during normal vehicle operation with minimal disruption to vehicle schedule, service, or route. 

Connected Vehicle Test Vehicles
CSU has developed data acquisition-capable probe vehicles that work with infrastructure systems throughout Colorado to gather data on vehicle operation, fuel economy, infrastructure state, traffic system state, and more.  We use the data generated by these vehicles to develop algorithms to optimize vehicle fuel economy and emissions for HEVs, PHEVs, and HDVs.  

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Test Vehicles
CSU has develop instrumented vehicles equipped with multiple cameras, LIDAR, RADAR, data acquisition, and novel driver interfaces to develop and demonstrate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.  These vehicles are flexible platforms for proof of concept software and hardware integration.

Electric Motor and Inverter Dynamometer
We have constructed a test facility that allows us to measure the efficiency and capability of electric motors and associated components and controls.  This system is used for education, for research and for work-for-hire.