Our research is focused on using advanced system design tools with experimental validation to advance the state of the art in practical, demonstrable systems. This research is applied to a variety of domains and engineered systems. 
​In teaching, I seek to motivate my students to be confident, imaginative engineers by providing a forum for interactive, engaged learning and intellectual growth.
My lab group contributes to the Colorado State University College of Engineering Systems Engineering Program, the Mechanical Engineering Department, CSU’s Center for Intelligent Transportation Systems, and the CSU Energy Institute.   Our research, education, service and outreach activities contribute to the following applications:

Sustainable Transportation
Transportation is one of the largest global energy demands, and technologies and systems associated with electrification, connected vehicles, and autonomous vehicles is helping to improve the sustainability of the transportation sector.

Aerospace Systems
We develop state-of-the-art design and systems engineering methods applied to the engineering of the next generation of integrated, resilient, and dynamic aerospace systems.

Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering provides both a framework and a rigorous theoretical underpinning for the design and management of complex engineering systems.

Energy Systems
The global energy sector is undergoing radical transformation in response to changes in the technical, economic and policy environment. ​

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