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White, C. H., I. Ebert-Uphoff, J. M. Haynes, and Y. Noh, 2024: Super-Resolution of GOES-16 ABI bands to a common high resolution with a convolutional neural network. Artif. Intell. Earth Syst., 3, e230065,

Bertrand, L., J. E. Kay, J. Haynes, and G. de Boer, 2024: A global gridded dataset for cloud vertical structure from combined CloudSat and CALIPSO observations. Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 16, 1301-1316,

Schulte, R. M., M. D. Lebsock, and J. M. Haynes, 2023: What CloudSat cannot see: liquid water content profiles inferred from MODIS and CALIOP observations. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 16, 3531-3546,

Haynes, J. M., Y. J. Noh, S. D. Miller, K. D. Haynes, I. Ebert-Uphoff, and A. Heidinger, 2022: Low cloud detection in multilayer scenes using satellite imagery with machine learning methods. J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol.,
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Noh, Y.-J., J. M. Haynes and Coauthors, 2022: A framework for satellite-based 3D cloud data: an overview of the VIIRS cloud base height retrieval and user engagement for aviation applications. Remote Sensing, 14, 5524,

You, Y., Peters-Lidard, C., Ringerud, S., and Haynes, J. M., 2021: Evaluation of rainfall-snowfall separation performance in remote sensing datasets. Geophys. Res. Lett., 48(21),

Lebsock, M., T. S. L'Ecuyer, N. B. Wood, J. M. Haynes, and M. Smalley, 2020: Status of the CloudSat mission. Satellite Precipitation Measurement: Volume 1, V. Levizzani, C. Kidd, D. Kirschbaum, C. Kummerow, K. Nakamura, and F. J. Turk, Eds., Springer,

Haynes, K. D., I. T. Baker, A. S. Denning, R. Stöckli, K. Schaefer, E. Y. Lokupitiya, and J. M. Haynes, 2019a: Representing grasslands using dynamic prognostic phenology based on biological growth stages: 1. Implementation in the Simple Biosphere Model (SiB4). J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 11, 4423-4439,

Haynes, K. D., I. T. Baker, A. S. Denning, S. Wolf, G. Wohlfahrt, G. Kiely, R. C. Minaya, and J. M. Haynes, 2019b: Representing grasslands using dynamic prognostic phenology based on biological growth stages: Part 2. carbon cycling. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 11, 4440-4465,

Miller, S. D., M. A. Rogers, J. M. Haynes, M. Sengupta, and A. K. Heidinger, 2017: Short-term solar irradiance forecasting via satellite/model coupling. Solar Energy,

Forsythe, J. M., and J. M. Haynes, 2015: CloudSat observes a Labrador Sea polar low. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 96, 1229-1231,

Mason, S., J. K. Fletcher, J. M. Haynes, C. Franklin, A. Protat, and C. Jakob, 2015: A hybrid cloud regime methodology used to evaluate Southern Ocean cloud and shortwave radiation errors in ACCESS. J. Climate, 28, 6001-6018,

Smalley, M., T. L'Ecuyer, M. Lebsock, and J. Haynes, 2014: A comparison of precipitation occurrence from the NCEP Stage IV QPE product and the CloudSat Cloud Profiling Radar. J. Hydrometeor, 15, 444-458,

Haynes, J. M. , T. H. Vonder Haar, T. L'Ecuyer, and D. Henderson, 2013: Radiative heating characteristics of earth's cloudy atmosphere from vertically resolved active sensors. Geophys. Res. Lett., 40, 624-630,

Miller, S. D., J. M. Forsythe, P. T. Partain, J. M. Haynes, R. L. Bankert, M. Sengupta, C. Mitrescu, J. D. Hawkins, and T. H. Vonder Haar, 2014: Estimating three-dimensional cloud structure via statistically blended satellite observations. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 53, 437-455,
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Huang, Y., S. T. Siems, M. J. Manton, L. B. Hande, and J. M. Haynes, 2012: The structure of low-altitude clouds over the Southern Ocean as seen by CloudSat. J. Climate, 25, 2535-2546,

Haynes, J. M., C. Jakob, W. B. Rossow, G. Tselioudis, and J. Brown, 2011: Major characteristics of Southern Ocean cloud regimes and their effects on the energy budget. J. Climate, 24, 5061-5080,

Bodas-Salcedo, A., M. J. Webb, S. Bony, H. Chepfer, J.-L. Dufresne, S. A. Klein, Y. Zhang, R. Marchand, J. M. Haynes, R. Pincus, and V. O. John, 2011: COSP: Satellite simulation software for model assessment. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 92, 1023-1043,

Govekar, P. D., C. Jakob, M. J. Reeder, and J. Haynes, 2011: The three-dimensional distribution of clouds around Southern Hemisphere extratropical cyclones. Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L21805,

Berg, W., T. L'Ecuyer, and J. M. Haynes, 2010: The distribution of rainfall over oceans from spaceborne radars. J. Appl. Meteorol. Clim., 49, 535-543,

Brown, J. R., C. Jakob, and J. M. Haynes, 2010: An evaluation of rainfall frequency and intensity over the Australian region in a global climate model. J. Clim., 23, 6504-6525,

Mitrescu, C., T. L'Ecuyer, J. Haynes, S. Miller, and J. Turk, 2010: CloudSat precipitation profiling algorithm-model description. J. Appl. Meteorol. Clim., 49, 991-1003,

Stephens, G. L., T. L'Ecuyer, R. Forbes, A. Gettlemen, J. C. Golaz, A. Bodas-Salcedo, K. Suzuki, P. Gabriel, and J. Haynes 2010: Dreary state of precipitation in global models. J. Geophys. Res., 115, D24211,
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Haynes, J. M., T. S. L'Ecuyer, G .L. Stephens, S. D. Miller, C. Mitrescu, N. B. Wood, and S. Tanelli, 2009: Rainfall retrieval over the ocean with spaceborne W-band radar. J. Geophys. Res., 114, D00A22,

Ellis, T. D., T. L'Ecuyer, J. M. Haynes, and G. L. Stephens, 2009: How often does it rain over the global oceans? The perspective from CloudSat. Geophys. Res. Lett., 36, L03815,

L'ecuyer, T. S., W. Berg, J. Haynes, M. Lebsock, and T. Takemura, 2009: Global observations of aerosol impacts on precipitation occurrence in warm maritime clouds. J. Geophys. Res., 114, D09211,

Marchand, R., J. Haynes, G. G. Mace, T. Ackerman, and G. Stephens, 2009: A comparison of simulated cloud radar output from the multiscale modeling framework global climate model with CloudSat cloud radar observations. J. Geophys. Res., 114, D00A20,

Battaglia, A., J. M. Haynes, T. L'Ecuyer, and C. Simmer, 2008: Identifying multiple-scattering-affected profiles in CloudSat observations over the oceans. J. Geophys. Res., 113, D00A17,

Haynes, J. M., 2008: The near-global distribution of light rain from CloudSat. Ph.D. dissertation, Colorado State University.

Luo, Z. Z., G. L. Stephens, K. A. Emanuel, D. G. Vane, N. D. Tourville, and J. M. Haynes, 2008: On the use of CloudSat and MODIS data for estimating hurricane intensity. IEEE Geosci. Remote Sens. Lett., 5, 13-16,

Stephens, G. L., D. G. Vane, S. Tanelli, E. Im, S. Durden, M. Rokey, D. Reinke, P. Partain, G. G. Mace, R. Austin, T. S. L'Ecuyer, J. M. Haynes, M. Lebsock, K. Suzuki, D. Waliser, D. Wu, J. Kay, A. Gettleman, and Z. Wang 2008: CloudSat mission: Performance and early science after the first year of operation. J. Geophys. Res., 113, D00A18,

Tanelli, S., S. L. Durden, E. Im, K. S. Pak, D. G. Reinke, P. Partain, J. M. Haynes, and R. T. Marchand, 2008: CloudSat's cloud profiling radar after two years in orbit: Performance, calibration, and processing. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., 46, 3560-3573,

Zhang, Y., S. A. Klein, C. Liu, B. Tian, R. T. Marchand, J. M. Haynes, R. B. McCoy, Y. Zhang, and T. P. Ackerman, 2017: The ARM cloud radar simulator for global climate models: A new tool for bridging field data and climate models. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc.,

Haynes, J. M., and G. L. Stephens, 2007: Tropical oceanic cloudiness and the incidence of precipitation: Early results from CloudSat. Geophys. Res. Lett., 34, L09811,

Haynes, J. M., R. T. Marchand, Z. Luo, A. Bodas-Salcedo, and G. L. Stephens 2007: A multipurpose radar simulation package: QuickBeam. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 88, 1723-1727,

Stephens, G. L., and J. M. Haynes, 2007: Near global observations of the warm rain coalescence process. Geophys. Res. Lett., 34, L20805,
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Mitrescu, C., J. M. Haynes, G. L. Stephens, S. D. Miller, G. M. Heymsfield, and M. J. McGill, 2005: Cirrus cloud optical, microphysical, and radiative properties observed during the CRYSTAL-FACE experiment: A lidar-radar retrieval system. J. Geophys. Res., 110, D09208,

Benedetti, A., G. L. Stephens, and J. M. Haynes, 2003: Ice cloud microphysics retrievals from millimeter radar and visible optical depth using an estimation theory approach. J. Geophys. Res., 108, 4335,

Haynes, J. M., 2002: Microphysical properties of dynamically forced cirrus associated with strong jet streams and their relation to the synoptic scale flow. M.S. thesis, Colorado State University.

Haynes, J. M., 1999: The reliability of La Niña as a predictor of temperature and precipitation. B.S. thesis, The Pennsylvania State University.