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Deploy Large Calculations on Folding@Home

Dr. Snow was a member of the Pande group at Stanford during the early years of the Folding@Home distributed computing project. At Caltech, Dr. Snow led a team to develop new flexible software for computational protein engineering (e.g. protein structure prediction and design). Software development efforts are underway to allow distribution of SHARPEN (#N) calculations on the Folding@Home network. The large scale of the available computational resource (thousands of volunteer processors) will allow us to tackle very large calculations as a member of the Folding@Home consortium.

Most of the day, even when you are actively using your computer, only a fraction of the computing power is being used. By downloading the Folding@Home program, either the screensaver or the background-only version, you can donate the otherwise unused processing time to fundamental scientific research. Improved algorithms for high resolution protein structure prediction will be useful across the board, from engineering improved enzymes for biofuels to studying the molecular biophysics of biomedically relevant systems.