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Rapid and Facile Preparation of Nanocomposite Film Heaters for Composite Manufacturing

I. Naseri, B. Ashrafi, M. Jakubinek, Y. Martinez-Rubi, M. Yourdkhani
Frontiers in Materials, 2023, 10

Rapid and Energy-Efficient Frontal Curing of Multifunctional Composites Using Integrated Nanostructured Heaters

I. Naseri, M. Yourdkhani
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2022, 14 (44)

Multiphysics Modeling of Frontal Polymerization-Assisted Layer-by-Layer Additive Manufacturing of Thermoset Polymer Components

Z. Chen, M. Ziaee, M. Yourdkhani, X. Zhang
Additive Manufacturing, 2022, 59

3D Surface Pattern Formation Induced by Oscillatory Loading of Frontally Polymerized Gels

A. Kumar, L. Dean, M. Yourdkhani, A. Guo, C. BenVau, N. Sottos, P. Geubelle
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 2022, 168

Self-Regulative Direct Ink Writing of Frontally Polymerizing Thermoset Polymers

J. Aw, X.Zhang, A. Nelson, L. Dean, M. Yourdkhani, R. Ewoldt, P. Geubelle, N. Sottos
Advanced Materials Technologies, 2022, 7

Rapid Multiple-Front Polymerization of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites

P. Centellas, M.Yourdkhani, S. Vyas, B. Koohbor, P. Geubelle, N. Sottos
Composites Part A, 2022, 158

3D Printing of Short-Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Thermoset Polymer Composites via Frontal Polymerization

M. Ziaee, J. Johnson, M. Yourdkhani
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2022, 14 (14)

Electrothermal Performance of Heaters Based on Laser-Induced Graphene on Aramid Fabric

I. Naseri, M. Ziaee, Z. Nilsson, D. Lustig, M. Yourdkhani
ACS Omega, 2022, 7 (4)

Proanthocyanidin Encapsulation for Sustained Bioactivity in Dentin Bioadhesion: A Two-Year Study

Y. Alania, M. Yourdkhani, L. Trevelin, O. Bim-Junior, H. Majithia, L. Farsi, A. Bedran-Russo
Dental Materials, 2022, 38 (2)

Effect of Resin Staging on Frontal Polymerization of Dicyclopentadiene

M. Ziaee, M. Yourdkhani
Journal of Polymer Science, 2021, 59 (15)

Rapid Synchronized Fabrication of Vascularized Thermosets and Composites

M. Garg, J. Aw, X. Zhang, P. Centellas, L. Dean, E. Lloyd, I. Robertson, Y. Liu, M. Yourdkhani, J. Moore, P. Geubelle, N. Sottos
Nature Communications, 2021, 12 (1)

Photothermal Initiation of Frontal Polymerization Using Carbon Nanoparticles

L. Dean, A. Ravindra, A. Guo, M. Yourdkhani, N. Sottos
ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 2020, 2 (11)

Frontal Polymerization of Unidirectional Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Composites

E. Goli, N. Parikh, M. Yourdkhani, N. Hibbard, J. Moore, N. Sottos, P. Geubelle
Composites Part A, 2020, 130

Fabrication of pH-Responsive Monodisperse Microcapsules Using Interfacial Tension of Immiscible Phases

D. Thakare, G. Schaer, M. Yourdkhani, N. Sottos
Soft Matter, 2020, 16

Fully Recyclable Metastable Polymers and Composites

E. Lloyd, H. Lopez Hernandez, A. Feinberg, M. Yourdkhani, E. Zen, E. Mejia, N. Sottos, J. Moore, S. White
Chemistry of Materials, 2019, 31 (2)

Rapid Energy-Efficient Manufacturing of Polymers and Composites via Frontal Polymerization

I. Robertson, M. Yourdkhani, P. Centellas, J. Aw, D. Ivanoff, E. Goli, E. Lloyd, L. Dean, N. Sottos, P. Geubelle, J. Moore, S. White
Nature, 2018, 557 (7704)

Nanoreinforced Epoxy and Adhesive Joints Incorporating Boron Nitride Nanotubes

M. Jakubinek, B. Ashrafi, Y. Martinez-Rubi, M. Rahmat, M. Yourdkhani, K. Kim, K. Laqua, A. Yousefpour, B. Simard
International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 2018, 84

Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Carbon Fibre-Epoxy Composites Manufactured by Resin Film Infusion

M. Yourdkhani, W. Liu, S. Baril-Gosselin, F. Robitaille, P. Hubert
Composites Science and Technology, 2018, 166

Low-Ceiling-Temperature Polymer Microcapsules with Hydrophobic Payloads via Rapid Emulsion-Solvent Evaporation

S. Tang, M. Yourdkhani, C. Possanza Casey, N. Sottos, S. White, J. Moore
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017, 9 (23)

Encapsulation of Grape Seed Extract in Polylactide Microcapsules for Sustained Bioactivity and Time-Dependent Release in Dental Material Applications

M. Yourdkhani, A. Leme-Kraus, B. Aydin, A. Bedran-Russo, S. White
Dental Materials, 2017, 33 (6)

Efficient Cross‐Section Preparation Method for High‐Resolution Imaging of Hard Polymer Composites with a Scanning Electron Microscope

N. Brodusch, M. Yourdkhani, P. Hubert, R. Gauvin

Journal of Microscopy, 2015, 260 (2)

A Systematic Study on Dispersion Stability of Carbon Nanotube-Modified Epoxy Resins

M. Yourdkhani, P. Hubert

Carbon, 2015, 81

Thermal, Oxygen Barrier and Mechanical Properties of Polylactide–Organoclay Nanocomposites

M. Yourdkhani, T. Mousavand, N. Chapleau, P. Hubert

Composites Science and Technology, 2013, 82

Influence of the Reaction Stoichiometry on the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of SWCNT-Modified Epoxy Composites

B. Ashrafi, Y. Martinez-Rubi, L. Khoun, M. Yourdkhani, C. T. Kingston, P. Hubert, B. Simard, A. Johnston

Nanotechnology, 2013, 24 (26)

Quantitative Dispersion Analysis of Inclusions in Polymer Composites

M. Yourdkhani, P. Hubert

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2013, 5 (1)

Dispersion Stability in Carbon Nanotube Modified Polymers and Its Effect on the Fracture Toughness

V. Mirjalili, M. Yourdkhani, P. Hubert

Nanotechnology, 2012, 23 (31)

Multiscale Mechanics and Optimization of Gastropod Shells

M. Yourdkhani, D. Pasini, F. Barthelat
Journal of Bionic Engineering, 2011, 8 (4)

Vibrations and Stability of Axially Traveling Laminated Beams

M. H. Ghayesh, M. Yourdkhani, S. Balar, T. Reid
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2010, 217 (2)