Projects and Meetings

Projects and Meetings

General Meetings for Spring 2024 occur once a week, 5:30pm in Clark C 358

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Our Projects

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Similar to the project in La Criba, Rams Without Borders CSU has been working with the community of El Pital and Las Tablas, El Salvador for the past couple years. Our overall plan is to install a water distribution tank and transmission line for the community to provide easy access for their community. This project is not associated with EWB-USA.

Project Leads:

Elliot Ferrell-Carretey:

Meeting Time:

During General Meetings


EWB Professional Chapter, EWB CSU Student Chapter, and Utz Che, a nonprofit in Guatemala, are partnering to support Utz Che in the design and build of projects that will benefit the 40 plus partner communities in Utz Che’s network. Currently, the primary project is La Pecesita, an educational center that will provide classes on sustainable agriculture practices and more. Utz Che and its partner communities have already built the foundation, framework, and roof of La Pecesita. EWB will provide engineering support for the geotechnical study, water and septic system, and water tank that are needed to finalize construction for La Pecesita. 

Project Leads:

Kay Willock

Meeting Time:

During General Meetings

If interested email:

Foco Cafe

A new and smaller project with Rams without Borders. A local cafe is redesigning their donation box called “The Giving Tree.” Our project is to help create a new design and build it. 


This project was completed Spring 2023

This project is associated with EWB-USA.

Rams Without Borders is working in Pine Ridge, South Dakota with the Lakota community to provide them with an earthship. The building is designed to be completely self-sustainable with renewable energy and a rain catchment system and will be equipped to fit the needs of the Lakota people as a community center, housing, office space, and greenhouse. Construction started on the project in 2017. 

Project Leads:

Zack Cohn

Jillian Lukez


La Criba, El Salvador

This project was completed completed Spring 2022!

Rams Without Borders CSU has been working with the community of La Criba, El Salvador for the past decade. In 2016, RWB installed a water distribution tank and transmission line for the community after an earthquake left them with no way to get water. The community now has a new chlorination system for the tank and RWB is exploring erosion mitigation on the transmission line to complete the project. This project is not associated with EWB-USA.


St. Lucia

Local: Fort Collins

Rams Without Borders works actively in and around the Fort Collins community. RWB participates in numerous Colorado State University sponsored philanthropic projects, as well as projects with partners like Habitat for Humanity, local schools, and the FoCo Cafe, a non-profit restaurant that brings farm fresh food to anyone and everyone.



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