Engineers Without Borders

Meet the Officers

President – Lia Clark

Lia Clark

Hello! I’m Lia Clark. I’m a fourth-year environmental engineering student concentrating on water resource engineering. I am so incredibly honored to be President of this incredible organization. I traveled with EWB on the August 2017 trip to La Criba to work on the chlorination system on the water tank we have there and also worked with public outreach there and here in Fort Collins as the Public Outreach and Education Coordinator for 2017. I absolutely love everything that EWB is about. The opportunity to actually get out into the world and serve, while simultaneously getting to do some real engineering, has been incredibly rewarding. Thank you to everyone who supports us and what we do. We couldn’t do it without you!

VP – Priscilla Vázquez

Priscilla Vázquez

Priscilla Vázquez is in her fourth year as an electrical engineering major at Colorado State. She has been an active member of the EWB community, for over two years, serving first as ECC Representative, then as Secretary. An accomplished photographer before coming to CSU, she has produced several videos for the organization, as well as shot many of the images featured on this site. She enjoys traveling, learning new skills, and exploring the world through YouTube.

Treasurer – Jim Wise

Jim Wise

My name’s Jim Wise and I’m the Treasurer for EWB! I am in my fifth year as a Mechanical Engineering student with a Spanish Minor, and you can also find me working on campus in the Idea2Product 3D Printing Lab. I not only love what I have learned from engineering so far, but have been enthusiastic about volunteering since I was a kid. I have been learning Spanish for about 10 years so the La Criba project really drew me to the group as a Freshman, but since then I have loved serving the Fort Collins community as well! My hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, reading, and cooking new things.

Secretary – Olivia Hahn

Olivia Hahn

Hi! My name is Olivia Hahn and I’m a fourth year studying biomedical and mechanical engineering. I’m excited to serve as secretary of this amazing club this semester. I have loved being a part of this organization since my freshman year and I hope to be able to help our chapter of EWB help more and more people across the world.

ECC Rep – Chereen Zahner

Chereen Zahner

My name is Chereen Zahner and I am a Civil Engineering major. I am currently the Engineering College Council Representative for EWB. I was this position last semester as well. I love being an active part of this club because I really think that the message we stand for is strong and hopefully inspirational for other Engineering majors to use what they learn in school to help change the world. Our world needs people that can step out of their comfort zone and try to make a difference by helping people and solving problems. I honestly think that this club is a great first step for that and I’m very excited to be a part of it.


Fundraising – Delaney Collier

Delaney Collier

Hello! I’m Delaney Collier. This is my fourth year in civil engineering and I’m concentrating on structures. This is my second year with the club and I’m going into my second term as Head of Fundraising. I love everything this club stands for and all of the people who are involved. There are no greater opportunities in life than those that allow for helping others while simultaneously doing something you are passionate about. Engineers Without Borders gives this opportunity to anyone who is willing to take it and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Technology – Allie Huber

Allie Huber

Hi everyone! My name is Allie Huber and I am a junior studying Civil Engineering. As the Tech Chair, I get to manage and update this website and social media (shameless plug – follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page!). EWB has been an amazing opportunity for me to gain experience outside of the classroom while learning things we might not be taught in school, like financial planning and communications. I also love having the ability to make a difference in communities across the globe. Outside of EWB, I’m a member of CSU’s co-ed service fraternity and I work at the College of Business. I also love to read, cook, run, and travel.

Fun – Mitchell Bailey

My name is Mitchell Bailey. I am a senior in Civil Engineering. I grew up in Japan and Germany almost all of my life, though I don’t know either language. As Director of Fun, I plan social activities to help create a sense of community in EWB. I love EWB because there are so many different ways to get involved beyond Engineering. In my free time I like to hike and fish, and snowboard when I have the money. I’m excited to be Director of Fun for this club and hope you guys are excited to have fun.

PMEL – Jennifer Pyle

Jennifer Pyle

My name is Jennifer Pyle and I am in my fourth year at CSU studying Mechanical Engineering. I am currently the Planning, Monitoring, Education, and Learning (PMEL) Lead. I work with the project leads to make sure the programs are following the PMEL process as well as make sure that non-technical parts of the projects such as cultural and communication aspects are working well with the community. I am so excited to be involved with EWB because it is such a unique club that lets engineers actually use what we learn in school to make an impact in the real world. Outside of EWB, I am involved in Society of Women Engineers and I am also a member of Alpha Sigma Kappa, which is a sorority for women in STEM majors.

Public Outreach – Julia Kendrick

Julia Kendrick

Hello, my name is Julia Kendrick. I am a fourth year zoology major and the Public Outreach Chair for EWB. Though not an engineer, I have been involved with EWB for the past three years mainly volunteering at the public outreach events and attending general meetings. Regardless of your major or interests, the EWB program here at CSU is an excellent way to get involved with the community in Fort Collins and be a part of making a worldwide difference in the lives of others. I’m passionate about finding sustainable and ecologically viable solutions to the environmental issues the world faces, emphasizing species conservation. I enjoy watching movies, learning about/working with animals, college basketball, and breakfast foods.

Project Leads

La Criba – Zakri Siegel

My name is Zakri Siegel, and I am an Environmental Engineering major here at CSU. I love skiing, traveling, exercising, and watching movies. I am currently the project lead for the La Criba Project in El Salvador here at Engineers Without Borders. I love EWB because it provides a way to utilize my skill set to assist others who may otherwise not have the help. I hope to learn and help as much as I can, while helping others do so as well here at CSU.

La Criba – Maliea Van

Maliea Van

Hey! My name is Maliea Van and I am a junior studying Chemical/Biological and Biomedical Engineering. I am currently the project lead for the La Criba project. I love Engineers Without Borders because it allows us to use our skills and engineering knowledge to make a real positive impact on people’s lives. I am super excited to be traveling to La Criba, El Salvador in the spring to help implement some of our projects! In my free time I love hiking, camping, traveling, skiing, and reading.

Pine Ridge – Jasmine Akers

Jasmine Akers

Hello all, my name is Jasmine Akers and I am a fourth-year student studying Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, golfing, spending time with my friends and family, and traveling! What I like about EWB is that I can be surrounded by dedicated, driven people working on a project while simultaneously learning new things about administration and engineering itself.

Pine Ridge – Cheyenne Maio-Silva

Cheyenne Maio-Silva

Hello everyone, my name is Cheyenne Maio-Silva and I am one of the two project leads for Pine Ridge! I am currently a senior studying Civil Engineering with an interest in water and wastewater infrastructure. In my free time, I like to hunt, spearfish (I was born and raised on Maui), and do all sorts of crafty things. I love to learn and EWB has given me the opportunity to do just that. It is a great and fulfilling chance to apply classroom concepts to real-world problems. College, especially if you are an out-of-state student like me, can be nerve-racking at times, but I was able to find a new home within EWB and I hope you do too.

El Pital – Cristian Mandez Arevalo

I am a senior studying Civil Engineering. My hometown is Cuenca, Ecuador. My favorite hobby right now is meeting some of the needs of the community of El Pital through the services of RWB. I love the outdoors, running in the mornings to see the splendid Colorado sunrises, and extreme sports! This year, I look forward to discovering more ways in which engineering and non-engineering students can work together to put together and execute a sustainable project that will help a community thrive in life! El Pital is a promising community that has so much to offer to students interested in business and entrepreneurship, infrastructure development, energy, sustainability and the conservation of natural resources, learning the Spanish language through cultural immersion as well as being a part of research in River Poetry and Literature as a part of Inter-professional Education. Let’s dive into the complexity of our world to prepare better solutions for the demanding needs of people across the globe!

El Pital – Katie Jordan

I’m Katie- I’m a fifth year Chemical and Biological Engineering student with a minor in Global Environmental Sustainability. I love everything about RWB! I’ve previously been Public Outreach lead as well as President, and now I’m thrilled to be helping start up our newest project in El Pital, El Salvador. When I’m not busy with RWB and school, I love to hike, bike, run, and enjoy the outdoors.

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