La Criba, El Salvador

EWB-CSU began our partnership with the community of La Criba, El Salvador, in 2008. The difficulties for La Criba first began when an earthquake damaged the springs that supplied all the water to the community – this led to a deteriorating water distribution system and caused the water production of the springs to decrease drastically, as well as become contaminated. Since then, we have designed and installed a water distribution system including the transmission and distribution lines, a semi-automatic pump, and a 26,000 gallon tank. As of October 2016, nearly all of the 200+ homes in La Criba have running water. On our last trip, we helped to mitigate erosion around one of the transmission lines, develop a sustainable financial plan, and implement a lasting chlorination system.  Currently, we are researching ways to continue serving the community of La Criba, such as improving internet access, installing solar panels to lower water bills, and further preventing erosion.

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