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Principal Investigator

Dr. Mahdi Nikdast received his Ph.D. degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 2013. He is currently as Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Colorado State University (CSU). Dr. Nikdast is the director of the Emerging Computing Systems and Design Automation (ECSyD) Lab. at CSU. His research interests focus on the design and development of emerging computing and embedded systems employing emerging technologies for high-performance computing systems and applications.


Ph.D. Students

Ebad Taheri (Ph.D. FA 2019 – , Project: TBC)
Mohadeseh (Shadi) Manafi Avari (Ph.D. FA 2019- , Project: TBC)
Co-supervise with Dr. Kim 

Shadi received her B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering-Software and M.Sc. degree in Artificial Intelligence from K.N.TOOSI University of Technology (KNTU) in Iran. Her fields of interest are Machine Learning, Manycore System design, Multi-Agent Systems, Deep Learning, and Emerging Big Data Systems. In addition to her studies, she really enjoys playing volleyball.

Asif Mirza (Ph.D. SP 2019- , Project: Cross-Layer Design for Systems Integrating Silicon Photonics)
Co-supervise with Dr. Pasricha

Mirza received his B.Sc. in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, India, and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. His interests are in embedded systems, studying various computer architectures, working on emerging photonic technologies, and machine learning. His hobbies include photography, hiking and enjoying different food cuisines.
Febin Sunny (Ph.D. SP 2019- , Project: Cross-Layer Design for Systems Integrating Silicon Photonics)
Co-supervise with Dr. PasrichaFebin received his Bachelor of Technology Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India. Areas of study which interest him include Embedded Systems, Many Core System Architecture and PNOC Architectures. Loves hiking, cooking, Rock and Metal and gaming.
This could be you: we are currently looking for motivated students with a B.Sc./M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Integrated Photonics. Please read the information on this page and follow the instructions before sending an email to Prof. Nikdast!

M.Sc. Students

Siddhi Sawant (M.Sc. FA 2019-, Project: Fabrication Process Variations in Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits)
Lekha Rane (M.Sc. FA 2019-, Project: Automated and In Package Testing of Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits)
Shruti Parab (M.Sc. FA 2019-, Project: Photonics Neural Networks)
Aniruddha Vyawahare (M.Sc. FA 2018- , Project: EPDA) 

Aniruddha received his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Nagpur University, India with a recognition of best project in 2012. His research interests are SoC architectures, verification and validation tools and techniques, Internet of Things (IoT), and silicon photonics. When not studying, he would either be there in the mountains, recording some songs or playing guitar.

Yash Chopra (M.Sc. SP 2018- , Project: Computer Vision, Deep Learning)

Yash completed his B.Engg in Electronics and Telecommunications from University of Mumbai, India. His research interests include low-power embedded system design, Internet of Things (IoT), High performance Computing, Computer architecture and Machine Learning. Apart from his research, his interests include gaming, cooking and literature.

Undergraduate Students

Nick Daly (Undergraduate Student SP 2019- , Project: Sensing, Deep Learning)

Nick is currently pursuing his B.Sc. Degree in Computer Engineering at CSU.  He is a Walter Scott Junior Undergraduate Scholar. His interests are in Control Systems and Machine Learning. Besides his studies, Nick enjoys watching and playing sports.

High School Students (Capstone Project)

Noah Mulvaney (High School Student FA 2018- SP 2019, Capstone Project: Sensing, Deep Learning) 

Noah is a high school student in Broomfield who is doing his capstone project in ECSyD Lab. Noah particularly loves studying mathematics, physics, and computer science. He also loves hiking and being outside with his four siblings and parents.


  • April 2019: Congratulations to Mihir and Yash for receiving the “People’s Choice Award – First Place” at CSU Demo Day! (Press)
  • March 2019: Mirza, Febin, and Shadi have been awarded A. Richard Newton Young Student Fellowship at IEEE/ACM DAC! Congratulations!
  • February 2019: ECSyD Lab received equipment support (high-end GPU) from NVIDIA. Thank you NVIDIA!
  • January 2019: Mirza, Febin, and Nick joined ECSyD! Welcome!
  • June 2018: ECSyD Lab received research funding from NSF to improve energy-efficiency and reliability in terascale data centers employing silicon photonics. Thank you NSF!
  • May 2018: Aniruddha joined ECSyD. Welcome!
  • May 2018: Mihir joined ECSyD. Welcome!

Research Sponsors:


Mihir Pakhale (M.Sc. Project, SP 2018 – SUM 2019). Project: Eye of Horus (EoH): A Real-Time Surveillance System to Protect Citizens. First position: Firmware Engineer at Seagate Tech., CO, USA!
Sakshi Bhatnagar (M.Sc. Thesis, FA 2017 – SP 2019). Thesis: Performance Assessment of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Interconnects Using Advanced Polynomial Chaos Schemes. Publications: [C27]. First position: TBC!


February 2019, Spicy Lunch gathering!