Information for Prospective Students

I am currently looking for motivated students with a B.Sc./M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Integrated Photonics. We are working on some ground breaking research projects

I expect new applicants to have two or more of the following skill set:

  1. Good background in math and knowledge of computer algorithms (e.g., optimization, genetic);
  2. Familiarity with embedded and computing systems design, and computer architecture (e.g., processor, memory, communication architectures);
  3. Knowledge of hardware programming (e.g., VHDL, Verilog), and FPGAs;
  4. Knowledge of optical communication and integrated photonics (e.g., silicon photonics);
  5. Knowledge of neural networks (e.g., machine learning techniques);
  6. Strong communication skills in both oral communication and writing technical papers.

Please send an email to Prof. Nikdast with the subject line “Your_Name: PhD OR M.Sc. Position in ECSyD Lab“. Please answer the following questions in your email with your CV and a recent journal/conference publication (if applicable) in the attachment. Kindly note that funding for M.Sc. positions is very limited.

  • Why do you want to do a Ph.D. OR M.Sc.? Answer in one short paragraph!
  • When do you plan to start your Ph.D. OR M.Sc.? e.g., Fall/Spring 20xx
  • Do you need financial support for your Ph.D. OR M.Sc.? e.g., Yes/No/Partial financial support
  • Your current/previous university and your GPA; e.g., University, Country, Year of Graduation, Thesis title, GPA
  • Your research interest(s);
  • Considering the list of skill set above (No. 1 to 6), what skills do you have? Just use the number(s) from the list above
  • Your TOEFL/IETLS and GRE results and the date you took those exams.
  • Have you officially applied for a Ph.D./M.Sc. at CSU? If so, when was that application submitted and what is your application no?

I carefully read the emails I receive with the aforementioned format for the available positions in ECSyD. Please kindly note that I receive many of such emails every day, and I only reply to those (between 1 to 7 days) whose research/education background and experience match the current/upcoming projects in ECSyD!


Students from Underrepresented and Marginalized Groups are highly encouraged to apply!


Undergraduate Students

ECSyD Lab welcomes undergraduate students at CSU who would like to participate in our research projects and get some research experience. Please send me an email with your CV and research topics/projects in which you are interested. I will be happy to discuss new project topics (e.g., senior design projects) with undergraduate students.


High School Students – Capstone Projects

Please contact me if you are interested in doing your capstone project in ECSyD Lab.