Dr. Susan K De Long

Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Funding Agencies

Funded Research

Developing a Novel Metatranscriptomic Approach for Identifying Biomarkers Directly from Mixed Microbial Communities, supported by the National Science Foundation.

Advancing Multi-stage Anaerobic Digestion Technologies through Improved Hydrolysis Processes, supported by Environmental Research and Education Foundation.

Optimizing Biogas Production from Organic Waste through RNA/DNA-molecular Testing, supported by California Energy Commission & Summers Consulting, LLC.

Development of Low Water-Usage Co-digestion Processes for Economical Bioenergy Generation from Agricultural and Municipal Wastes in Colorado, supported by Agriculture Experiment Station.

Optimization of Low Water Usage Hydrolysis Processes for Bioenergy Generation from Agricultural Waste Materials in Arid Regions, supported by Agriculture Experiment Station.

Food, Energy and Waste Global Challenges Research Team, supported by Colorado State University School of Global Environmental Sustainability.

2013 Technology Development Initiative: LNAPL Critical Processes, supported by Chevron Corporation.

Determine the Biological Efficacy of Graywater Reuse, Supported by Colorado State University Research Foundation Tech Transfer Office (CSURF).