Note to Prospective Students

Graduate students:

[Note: I am currently at capacity for distance Ph.D. students but have several positions available for on-campus students on specific research projects.]

If you are searching for an advisor for a graduate degree in Systems Engineering (on-campus or distance), please send me an email with the following:

  1. CV including any research products,
  2. A general research outline appropriate for the degree sought (MS or PhD),
  3. Whether you are interested in enrolling as an on-campus or distance student, and
  4. A statement of your application area of interest and how its associated design challenges align with my research areas.

My research interests are not confined to one particular application domain. Please send the requested materials if you feel the design challenges are relevant, particularly if the topic includes challenging aspects of design optimization, model-based systems engineering, system architecture synthesis, dynamics/controls, or some combination of the above. Please see the following items for the group's research interests and past work:

Undergraduate students:

I frequently have select projects for motivated undergraduates in the areas of modeling, optimization, and algorithms for engineering design. These projects typically require some coding experience (primarily done in MATLAB but experience in other languages is also acceptable). These projects will help develop broadly applicable research skills and do not require a specific degree program (e.g., mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.). Please see my research website for up-to-date project descriptions and how to inquire.