The following items, along with many others used in Lab exercises, are provided in your group kit:

Quantity Component Description
3 1 kΩ resistor
1 330Ω DIP resistor array
1 0.1 μF capacitor
1 red LED
1 green LED
12N2222 general purpose NPN transistor (1 A)
1NO push-button switch
1 PIC16F88 18P-DIP microcontroller
1 small “breadboard” (solderless protoboard)

These are useful to get started on the PIC-programming-related project deliverables due later in the semester.

Each Lab group is also provided an NI ELVIS board and an Arduino starter kit (e.g, Elegoo UNO Project Super Starter Kit or Vilros Ultimate Starter Kit + LCD containing additional components potentially useful in your project.

Additional general purpose components will also be available in the Lab on a limited basis, including:

  • various 1/4 W resistors
  • various capacitors
  • LEDs
  • wire

Groups must research and purchase other components required in their designs. See useful local and mail-order vendors for for supplier information.

You are allowed to keep all components provided to you in your kits and in Lab (except for the NI ELVIS board, which you must return at the end of the semester).

Mountain States Electronics also offers the following additional discounted kits for purchase to help augment your course-supplied kit:

MECH307 KIT: $39.08 – The price of this kit is a 25% discount from regular pricing. The student(s) will be able to do any substitutions, additions, or subtractions to the kit that they wish and still receive the 25% discount. The only qualifier is that the price is no less than the base amount. For example student might want a bigger breadboard, or different values of resistors and capacitors, etc.

1 9425 Breadboard
1 JW-140 Jumper Wire Kit
2 P8983R330 330 ohm resistor network
2 2n2222 NPN Transistor
5 .1/50V Capacitor
5 QW210 1/4W 1K Resistor
5 38-130 Red LED
5 38-132 Green LED
1 10807 Photocell (3pk)
1 12KEY Key Pad

TK-14 Solder/Tool Kit: $23.00 – This is a great starter kit for an electronics project that requires soldering.

25W Soldering Iron
Long Nose Pliers
Wire Strippers
Slotted Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Soldering Stand
Solder Wick
63/37 Solder
Heat Sink
IC Puller