• General Catalog Course Description:
    • Mechatronic and measurement system analysis and design; applied electronics; data acquisition; microcontroller interfacing and programming.
  • Class Time/Location:
    • MWF 9-9:50 am, Engrg 120
  • Laboratory Times/Locations:
    • L01: T 8-10:50 am, Engrg B8
    • L02: T 12-2:50 pm, Engrg B8
    • L03: R 3:30-6:20 pm, Engrg B8
  • Instructor (for lecture, course, and exam questions):
  • Lab TAs (for homework, Lab, and project help; and for grading questions or corrections):
    • Jason Kuiper (Labs: L02, L03; duties: project proposal/report grading)
      office: Engrg B8, hours: R 11am-3pm; otherwise, by appointment
      e-mail: jpkuiper7@gmail.com
    • Haijie “Jason” Zhang (Labs: L01; duties: homework, Lab quiz, summary-sheet, and Lab Practical grading)
      office: Engrg B8, hours: T 11am-1pm; F 10am-12n, otherwise, by appointment
      e-mail: Haijie.Zhang@colostate.edu
  • Lab Support Engineers (for Lab equipment, software, and facilities-related issues):
    • Steve Johnson and Chris Garsha
      office: Engrg B1, hours: open or by appointment
  • Prerequisites (absolutely no exceptions)
    • ECE204 – Introduction to Electrical Engineering (a B or better is recommended)
    • CIVE261 – Mechanics: Dynamics
    • MATH340 – Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
    • MECH231 – Engineering Experimentation
  • Required Texts:
    • Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems, 5th edition
      by D. Alciatore
      McGraw-Hill, 2019
      ISBN: 978-1-259-89234-9
      • You will have automatic access to the Connect SmartBook version of the textbook via Canvas (click on the “McGraw-Hill Connect” link) through the CSU Bookstore’s Inclusive Access Program. This access is required to complete the online reading assignment quiz questions. Be sure to read emails from the CSU Bookstore concerning the program.
      • If you also want a hard copy, you can purchase an inexpensive loose-leaf version or rent a bound book directly from the publisher via the Connect SmartBook access page in Canvas.
    • Laboratory Exercises for “Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems”
      by D. Alciatore
      • The Lab book is available for free on the Lab Book web page.
      • It is recommended that each Lab group print at least one hard-copy per group (e.g., with a spiral binding at FastPrint in the LSC). If not, before each week’s Lab, you need to print the procedure and question pages to complete and turn in before leaving Lab. If you have a printed copy of the Lab Book, you can simply tear the completed pages out of the book to turn in. The pages will be returned to you after grading.